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Trying a new restaurant can go two different ways. The first way it could go, you enjoy the food, drinks, and prices. The second way your visit could go, is by you not enjoying the food, drinks, or prices and the way you would feel is like time and money were wasted. I am always a spectacle when it comes to trying pizza from new places. One day I discovered Mod Pizza restaurant and now it is my favorite place. In this restaurant evaluation, I'm going to answer the question why this restaurant is the best.

First, I think Mod Pizza is the best restaurant because of the three pizza size options that are available. The Mini size is a decent size for kids or those with smaller appetites at 6 inches, the Mod size is an ample adult size at 11 inches, and the Mega Dough is a thick crust at 11 inches for very hungry adults. All of these sizes can be replaced with gluten or cauliflower crust for those looking for healthier options. One of the perks of eating at Mod Pizza is that you can add as many toppings as you like at no extra charge! Another advantage of eating at Mod Pizza is that if a person does not want to eat pizza, they offer salads along with desserts.

Second, the food is made right in front of you and this allows zero room for mistakes on your order. Let me walk you through the process. The first thing they do is write down your name and the size of crust you feel would satisfy you the best. Then, you have the option to choose what type of sauce you would like to put on the base of your pizza (marinara, alfredo barbeque, etc.). Next, they offer different types of cheese, meat and vegetables to put on the pizza. After this you have the option to add in an extra flavor of sauce on to your pizza before it goes into the oven.

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Finally, when they have your order in the oven, you have the option to choose any drink of your choice to go along with the delicious pizza you created. Of course, fountain drinks are an option, but I would recommend trying the house-made teas or lemonades. Another great choice for your beverage would be the hand spun milkshakes; they come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and my favorite, coffee. The last option for the type of drink to order with your meal would be the beer or wine, that is brewed locally.

Unfortunately, Mod Pizza does not advertise like other pizza places like Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza. These other companies advertise on television, social media, email, and radio. More people are attracted to these other establishments because of the offers that are advertised. These pizza companies usually offer specials on a medium two-pot pizza and will charge extra if you want to add more to your order. Mod pizza does not advertise or offer low bids because you get the lowest price for any number of toppings on your pizza, regardless of the size of the crust.

Taking a chance on a new restaurant and deciding where to eat can be a difficult decision. Once I made a good choice and did not lose. Mod Pizza is a great place that no other pizzeria can compare to. This is an example of an excellent combination of a fair price and high quality.

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