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My Journey to Mountains

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As human beings we all have memories about the best place that we liked a lot, especially when we were young. Because as we grow up, those memories grow with us and became part of our lives. In my case I have seen pretty much places that were fascinating me, but the only place that I can never forget was the ‘Djurdjura Mountains’ where I used to go when I was young. Simply because it was the most marvelous place that I had never seen.

When I was a child, I remember I used to go with my uncle, my brother and my cousin to the mountains. Every time when my uncle came to my home on weekends, I was so excited and happy because I know that he came only just to take us me and my brother with him on this journey to the mountains. The name of this place is ‘Tala Guilef’, and it is about two hours’ drive from my city. I remember I loved going to this place on spring because there were always a lot of things to see, especially for people like me who were fascinated by the beauty of the nature. Tala Guilef is just a small mountain within the biggest range of mountains in this area, which is called ‘The Djurdjura’. It is the biggest mountain range in Algeria with a highest peak called ‘Lalla Kedidja’ and an elevation of 7,572 feet. Since these mountains are very high, they are well covered by a white coat of snow throughout the winter and spring time, and people from different towns came to this area just to admire and take pictures of this wonderful and amazing sight. Also, these mountains are well known by waterfalls that were cumulated from the rains and the melting of the snows.

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Going to these mountains reminds me that I am just a small creature in this immense world, and no one can challenge the force of this nature, so when I watched at these mountains I was just puzzled. As a child I loved going there and exploring these big and wild mountains and at the same time admiring the beauty of this landscape. Furthermore, the tranquility and the quietness of this nature made this place so different from the other places that I have already seen. The two only things that I could hear were the sleepy whistling of the birds going along with the swish of the small streams and waterfalls. In addition to this, they were different varieties of flowers with different colors and scents. So, just sitting there and watching to this nature I felt the sensation of being relaxed and distressed.

Moreover, these mountains are so tempting for people because there are different kinds of animals there; like hedgehogs, wolves, boars, and monkeys, but what I had seen was just monkeys. I remember when we arrived to this place, a group of bothering monkeys tried to approach us with hesitation in order to get something to eat. In short, those animals just gave an embroider aspects to these mountains in order to attract visitors.

When our journey had finished, and it was time to go back home, I remember I was sad and unhappy, and I wished that those trips to these mountains will never end, simply because this place was fascinating me, and gave me the feeling of relaxation and enthusiasm that I was searching for. As an adult now, this place is still my mind, and sometimes I just keep remembering my joyful and pleasant moment spent there.

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