Nursing Is the Art of Caring: Essay

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Caring is a principle and unique concept in nursing that is described as a human act of doing something with people, for people, to people, and as people. It can be effectively demonstrated and practiced interpersonal that result in the satisfaction of human needs. Watson defined nursing as the science of caring, which he described as transpersonal attempts to: protect, enhance, and preserve life by helping find meaning in illness and suffering. Caring in nursing practice is important to the well-being of the patients and their families because it develops trust and satisfaction and improves patient outcomes. It is a commitment bound by an oath to preserve and protect life but with great responsibility and accountability. Professional nurses need to maintain competencies in accordance with their scope of practice in order to execute safe nursing care.

Nursing is a work of art, it is the art of caring. It is shown by offering oneself without being judged, with the realization that any human being deserved to be loved and cared for. We are made unique and vulnerable, it is a human-built innermost emotion and unintentional self-expression. A typical description of curing for nursing is caring, however, holistic care is a comprehensive model of caring, which is to be the heart of the science of nursing and the practices recognize the person as a whole. It provides an in-depth understanding of patients and their various needs for care. Holistic care respects human dignity, thoughts, emotions, cultures, and opinions. The importance of caring is to promote good health to a patient, as well as a trusting relationship with the patient and their family.

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Caring involves being there with the patient and their family during difficult times. It is not all about caring in nursing but also about the knowledge and skills of nurses. All humans are caring and nurturing in nature, it is an unending language that may exist in each one. We abide by the standard of the scope of practice and regulation in order to provide the highest possible care of each patient deserved. It is an important component that binds the patient and the nurse by establishing a relationship toward the goal of wellness so that we can provide safe patient care. These regulations give a basis for professional nursing practice and serve as a guide.

Caring has remained the art and science of nursing. Patients today need caring because most of them feel isolated and are often troubled by the complicated medical technologies in evidenced-based practices. They may not remember all the knowledge and education shared by a nurse, but they will remember and appreciate the time the nurse is with them during the difficult time. Caring is something that a health worker does unconditionally and non-judgemental. Nurses are good people who always put themselves first and will not think twice to save a life.

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