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Food security is a situation whereby the amount of nutritionally adequate food produced in a society is sufficient for all the people in that society and also easily accessible to the people of that society. Meanwhile, food insecurity is a situation whereby food produced in a society is not easily accessible to the people of that society, either due to low production, hike in price of food commodities or other causes. In our world today, we do not need a...
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By 2050 the total population is projected to be around 9 billion people (FAO, 2017). The challenge the world’s population will face in the future is to guarantee food security for everyone. This means, to provide produced nutritious food, that is accessible for all people (Campbell, et al., 2016). As agriculture uses large parts of the scarce sources land and water, food production needs to become more sustainable in the future in order to preserve the worlds recourses and ecosystems...
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Agriculture is the backbone to life as it provides food, clothing, medicine and raw materials to humans and nations. Biological agriculture provides the systematic access to nutritious, affordable, and sufficient amount of food in times to come. Although this system of agriculture is effective and highly beneficial, it is highly capital demanding, has an advanced environmental and health risks, and yields low quantity of production for the satisfaction of the entire world in the future. Organic agriculture provides employment to...
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In a research article by R.A. Gerhardt, which was later published online in April 2012, states that in the past decade there has been increasing scientific interest in organic farming, particularly as compared with industrial or conventional agriculture. Although several comparative studies involving these two agricultural systems are undertaken, few assess the impact of those two essentially different systems on soil structure, and none on soil microstructure. During this study, two adjacent, paired farms in eastern Iowa, one managed in...
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One of the most important things to do in life is eating. Eating food is essential for humans and all other living beings. Food contains nutrients, and nutrients are required to maintain homeostasis. The humans and other living organisms require proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. If any of those five things are not kept balance, homeostasis will not be maintained and the human body and other organisms will be susceptible to disease, disorders, and eventually death if equilibrium does...
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When you are eating organic food from the supermarket, do you ever attempt to define organic? Or ever wonder why it’s so expensive compared to non-organic foods? Well, basically, according to, organic is defined as “of food or farming methods produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents” ( To simplify, a type of food product that is grown with all natural materials and is processed in a clean environment. Comparatively, organic...
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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living creatures that have been modified through genetic engineering to suit the needs of the modifier. Farmers can make changes in the genome of their crops and animals to get a certain quality they desire in their GMOs. Humans have been modifying plants and animals since we started farming them. This was achieved through selective breeding, a process which involves breeding two individual organisms with desirable traits in the hopes of producing offspring with the...
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