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Tea has been existing for a long time in history and is originally from China. Tea has been a popular beverage right now and in the past. In 2018, Americans consumed over 84 billion servings of tea, or more than 3.8 billion gallons. About 84% of all tea consumed was black tea, 15% was green tea, and the small remaining amount was oolong, white, and dark tea. Whereas same as other industries, some serious ethical problems exist in the tea...
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Americans consume over 84 billion servings of tea per year. Out of every five Americans, four will consume tea (Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc, 2019). All tea comes from the oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to Asia (Teasource, n.d.). The United States is the third largest importer of tea, followed by Russia and Pakistan. Although there are many different types of ‘tea’, technically speaking, tea can only come from the Camellia sinensis plant, and...
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Tea in not cultivated everywhere in the world. It is restricted to specific regions of the world due to the specific requirements of climate. Major of the producers of tea are in Asia are China, India, Sri Lanka, and African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania. The regions where tea is grown are generally located in the tropical regions where rain is more and get a proper environment to grow. Furthermore, many countries like Argentina and Brazil...
2 Pages 726 Words
It would be difficult to overstate the important and significant of tea in the Chinese culture, which is not only in the art form and tradition, but it is also a way of life. There are a lot of regions and locations are producing the glorious tea in China. However, there are some places that will be stated in this paper. China exports tea to more than 120 countries, estimated 80 million people working in mainly tea industry. China is...
4 Pages 1856 Words
The origins of tea are shrouded in legend and tradition. Tea's history is varied, ranging from Chinese emperors to Portuguese queens who got tea from China. In China, a leaf is supposed to have been dropped into boiling water for Emperor Shen Nung, who appreciates the taste. He had no idea he was the one who had produced the first cup of tea. In Chinese legend, Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree drifted into his...
3 Pages 1529 Words
The object that I have chosen for this essay is tea, as this object is one of the most important agricultural products in Africa. While coffee might seem to be the ‘go-to’ hot beverage, the world actually runs on tea. Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water, and in the United States alone, tea imports have risen over 400% since 1990 (Szenthe, 2019). Globally 80% of tea produced in black tea, 18% is green tea and...
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Abstract: Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is a polyphenol from green tea extract is known to suppress the human pancreatic cancer in-vitro. Its anti-proliferative action mediated by caspase-3-activation, nuclear condensation and poly-ADP ribose polymerase cleavage. Pancreatic cancer cell death by EGCG is mediated by arresting growth at an initial stage of cell cycle. EGCG involves depolarisation mitochondrial membrane to allow cytochrome-c release into cytosal. EGCG increased the production of intracellular release oxygen species (ROS), along with C-Jun-N-terminal kinase activation in pancreatic carcinoma cells....
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Getting out of the bed is the hardest part of your everyday mornings. The fact that you have a long day to endure, it already feels tiring. On breakfast, you grab your favorite cup of coffee matched with your favorite pastry. Coffee is one of the world's most highly consumed drinks because it has health benefits that are good for one’s body. The taste of the coffee is undoubtedly delightful, which makes it one of the reasons why people love...
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