Reasons Why Coffee is Better Than Tea

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Getting out of the bed is the hardest part of your everyday mornings. The fact that you have a long day to endure, it already feels tiring. On breakfast, you grab your favorite cup of coffee matched with your favorite pastry. Coffee is one of the world's most highly consumed drinks because it has health benefits that are good for one’s body. The taste of the coffee is undoubtedly delightful, which makes it one of the reasons why people love to drink coffee. However, there are also individuals who prefer to drink milk tea.

“Milk tea is life” says hundreds of people around the world particularly here in the Philippines. The popular beverage is now all around the corner. Milk tea is simply tea with additional milk and a mixture of the sweet-tasting tapioca pearls. This creates a sweeter taste of a tea. However, adding milk to tea impacts the chemical composition and its health benefits. Also, antioxidant potential benefits from drinking tea may possibly be lessened. Coffee, on the other hand, contains lots of antioxidant substances which can potentially reduce your risk of developing diabetes. In fact, a research conducted discovered that individuals with an additional 1 cup of coffee per day reduced type 2 diabetes by 11 percent.

The younger generation has made the milk tea a staple drink. Some people can drink milk tea at least four times a week. But still, it can have a serious effect if you consume it excessively. Nutritionists have marked milk tea as their worst beverage since it contains lots of sugar and trans fats that are harmful to one’s health. Despite the choice of limiting the amount of sugar, adding only 50% sugar level or even none at all could still be too much for an individual. Conversely, coffee can protect health, particularly the liver, from excessive consumption of sweet beverages like milk tea. Some studies indicate that sugar can damage the liver as well as alcohol. High levels of liver enzymes typically represent liver damage that’s why the more coffee consumption, the lower their enzyme levels.

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Do you believe that coffee can help you lose weight? Researchers found that coffee can activate brown fat reserves which are essential for the rapid burning of calories. Coffee can modestly increase your metabolism and decrease your desire for food while milk tea may not be as weight-friendly as some people might believe. Milk tea is commonly known for its famous tapioca pearls but it is one of the reasons why people become fat. It is called as the carbohydrate powerhouse. This means that too many carbs become body energy called body fats.

Drinking coffee can have potential health and physical advantages, but that doesn't imply that more is better. Coffee can trigger nervousness or anxiety in elevated doses for some individuals, and it can also affect the quality of sleep and trigger insomnia. Caffeine is also an addictive drug that can lead to tolerance and well-presented symptoms of withdrawal such as headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

All in all, coffee still provides more benefits than milk tea.

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