Painting Vs Gardening As My Favorite Hobbies

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In this world, all people have their hobbies or doing something during their past time. We all have the time of frustrations, stress, or pressure that we tend to eliminate by doing our hobbies. A hobby will always be part of our everyday life because it gives us pleasure and fun when we get bored or when we are in a time of waiting. As we always have spare time every day, a hobby can be done at that particular time, as long as you enjoy, have fun and make your time not wasted.

We will tackle the similarities and contrasts between the two hobbies that many people love to do in their spare time in our essay today. Painting and gardening are the most common hobbies that many people do. What are the comparisons and distinctions between these two? Painting and gardening are both fun, but in other respects, both of them vary.

Painting is a practice of drawing art of objects or people by applying paints or colors for the art to have life. Painting is an act of expressing oneself and showing beautiful things in one object. By doing this hobby, it helps keep your mind strong. As it is an act of expressing oneself, it also promotes stress relief to a person. Yes, it helps the mind strong because it releases the negatives thoughts and stress. Meaning by painting allows the mind of a person to relax, calm and releasing of all the problems that cause a high level of stress. In this hobby, a person is creating something beautiful, their mind became so creative. Painting is also sharpening the mind and boost memory skills. Motor skills in the hands and fingers, such as using a paintbrush, improve mobility. The fine motor skills developed by a painter help build mental shortcuts that are applied in daily life by the brain. Painting can lead a person to a happier and healthier mind and lifestyle.

In painting releasing of emotions is always required. Even if an individual does painting as their hobby, they are still required to pour out their emotions through their artwork. Painting is often a type of healing as it provides a calming, open atmosphere in which a person feels safe to pursue their imagination. The reward of making visually pleasing artwork that others enjoy gives a person a sense of pride and enjoyment. Doing this hobby is not only for you to make your spare time worthy but it helps you also to make you more positive in life by putting colors and drawing beautiful paintings.

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Gardening is also a good hobby. This is not only a fun hobby but also a relaxing one by touching beautiful flowers and plants. Gardening is an activity that is beneficial for both the mind and the body, and people of all ages will enjoy it. Plus, you get to eat the tasty fruits, vegetables, and herbs you create. Time spent in the garden also helps your brain. A productive way to improve your mood and de-stress is to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Gardening has proved to be effective in reducing the risk of depression. Gardening will encourage you to concentrate on an activity that will please you if something is heavily weighing on your mind. Gardening is also a perfect opportunity to try new nutritious foods that will help you become more adventurous eaters with your family. It's as enjoyable as it is safe to grow a variety of produce. If you do not get it right the first time, don't get discouraged. Gardening takes some patience, but when you get to dig into a plate of your fresh food, it is worth it.

This hobby also helps a person to have good vibes or moods everyday. It can also release stress by seeing, talking, and taking care of the plants as they are alive like humans. Meaning, gardening helps a person to combat his loneliness or depression. . It can also be considered as a therapy to those people who are facing tough times. It seems like gardening is engaging people to have more fun even in doing a little task in their homes like this. It is not only for loneliness but it can also give benefits that all families can get like clean air. Having plants and taking care of it inside the house can make the air purified and healthy to breath

Staying outside for gardening is like doing an aerobic exercise because when you are doing this hobby you are breaking a sweat. Bending your body, reaching your plants and tools, and watering them will help your muscle in your body to have strength and flexibility. This hobby is a great and enjoyable kind of aerobic exercise.

Painting and gardening are both good hobbies and beneficial to people. These two are worth it to do. We saw the differences between these two, but they also have similarities in terms of giving health benefits. Paintings provide mental health benefits that lead to a healthy mind and lifestyle the same as gardening, it also provides mental health benefits that lead to the release of stress and combat loneliness and depression. Both require effort and creativity. Both are a great form of crafts and arts that can have a good and creative output. Painting can create a colorful and amazing output while gardening can also make a beautiful plant that is so relaxing and good to the eyes.

Having these two hobbies at the same time is also a great idea because they are both providing good and healthy benefits to a person. Painting and gardening are good therapy for those who are suffering from stress and any mental problems. Choosing a hobby is very important, and now we should be wise that the hobby we are doing in our spare time can provide good benefits to us, especially in our body. Doing a hobby is good but is should also be worth it.

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