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When men and women enjoy the same privileges, occasions, and compulsion in all domains of life gives light to gender equality. Gender Impartiality plays an imperative role in sustainable growth and it is of utmost vibrant to the recognition of individual privileges for all. The past time reflects that women were being degraded and were restricted from enjoying their basic human rights which led the status of women to be inferior to that of men in all domains of life....
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Paradigms mean:- Paradigm is a phrase that potential 'a pattern or model, the typically usual perspective.'A paradigm is a way to ‘see’ the world. We see the world, now not as it is, but as we are conditioned to ‘see’ it. To make relatively minor changes in your life, the focal point on your attitudes and behaviors. To make significant, quantum change, work on your primary paradigms. To attempt to change outward attitudes and behaviors do very little good in...
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Study of Employee Motivation In Chapter One of our text, we learned that employees are considered human capital, which means they are valued for what they know, their education, their experience, and their individual skills. (Luthans, Luthans, Luthans, 2015). We also learned in chapter one that the aforementioned fact was not always the case. We discussed Douglas McGregor and his theories. Managers used to believe that the employees within an organization were only interested in money, and that if you...
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Scientific paradigm: Paradigms, introduced by Kuhn in “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, are the lenses by which science views the world. A paradigm refers to not only the set of theories but also the entire set of processes, equipment, and measurements used to conduct science (Kuhn 1962). Within a paradigm, there is consensus over the fundamental ideologies, techniques, and methods. A paradigm recognizes the achievements of the past and also defines the range of answers/explanations acceptable within the framework. Without...
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This discussion calls for an analysis of Paradigm Shifts. Within this analysis, it will be prevalent to look at Paradigm Shifts of the Past, Present and Probable Future, to see how they influence society. Kuhn outlined scientific paradigms as “accepted examples of actual scientific practice that include laws, theory, application and instrumentation that provide models from which particular coherent traditions of scientific research springs.” (KnowledgeBrief) A paradigm shift is a significant change that occurs when the usual way of thinking...
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Industrial revolution 4.0 has brought technology into our daily lives. With its unremitting advancement, integrating it into education plays a pertinent share in enhancing school education and knowledge sharing. At schools, technology, while supporting knowledge amalgamation, motivates and inspires students to go beyond textbooks and explore a world without physical boundaries. Human interaction, a good teacher, and an appropriate learning environment can never be replaced by technology. It can only be enhanced. According to the World Economic forum research, it...
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Technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the world of ICT. However, it has brought about various effects in our society like cybercrime. Cybercrime is a crime where a person uses a computer to access private and confidential information. Therefore, this paper will discuss on various effects of cybercrime on social media. First, cybercrime has brought about security costs. Cybercriminals have now shifted their attention to social medial platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. To ensure that...
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1. Briefly describe your understanding of the terms, “paradigm,” “consciousness,” and “holism.” In your discussion of the term, “paradigm,” include a description of how paradigms are formed, maintained and changed. A paradigm is a method or belief in the way we conduct our daily lives. Paradigms are similar to guiding principles, or “rules” that govern our thoughts and beliefs. These “rules” are ingrained in us through our upbringing, social norms, and cultural beliefs. Paradigms are very strong and powerful in...
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