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Postcolonial Discourse Influences Ideas About English As A Global Language

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I highly agree that postcolonial discourse influences ideas about English as a global language. English as the language of the British colonists achieved celebrated immensity during British Imperialism. Since then, English as a language accomplished admiration in educational prospects and in governance structure all along the colonial era. The reverence of English did not stop yet it further intensified in postcolonial era. As the idea of globalisation was being enlightened, English has become the Lingua France of connecting people throughout the world eventually.

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Surely it cannot be less that the hegemony of English over other language was reinforced deliberately. ‘English has triumphed. Those who do not speak it are at a universal disadvantage against those who do. Those who deny the supremacy merely seek to keep the disadvantaged deprive.’ (Jenkins, 2014, p. 183) Said by Simon Jenkins, a British journalist. English was being positioned by the British to be the king of languages. The plundering of words from other languages that enriched its breadth of vocabularies has contributed the supremacy of English. The idea of English is superior and is a noble language was considerably fierce and in the 19th century, this idea was at the peak of the discourse. According to James George, he argued that ‘As the mind grows, language grows, and adapt itself to the thinking of the people. Hence, a highly civilized race, will ever have, a highly accomplished language. The English tongue, is in all senses a very noble one. I apply the term noble with a rigorous exactness.’(George 1867, p. 4) English was at the summit as a global language and yet, it still is, as a colonial splendour.

English has conquered the world. It is undeniable that the demand of English in universal communication is increasing rapidly and the language is being taught worldwide in order to reduce language barriers effectively. In addition, English fluency is widely considered to be the key of social mobility. If one’s English ability is inferior, that person is mostly considered to be less educated and is therefore, not as competitive to those who have better English capability. English level determines a person’s competitiveness and draws the social class pyramid in today’s society. If one has poor English skill, does it mean that person is a less able thinker? It should not always be the case, however, to most people in the world, the answer seems to be yes.

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