Project Team Building, Conflict, and Negotiation

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When building a team, it is important to build a team that feels capable of getting the job done. If a capable team was not developed, then the project will likely be a failure. Effective team building can only occur when people feel valued and are able to express their opinions, ideas, and opinions in a manner that satisfies the goals of the entire team. One of the most common issues that people report having with their teams is that they are ignoring each other. This simply means that the team does not treat people within the team with the same degree of respect or dignity that they would their peers on a larger team. The best way to make sure that all the teams in the project have the same goals, what they are trying to achieve, and where their feedbacks and challenges should go being to define each member of the team at the beginning of the project and assign roles to them based on the purpose of the project (Black, 2019).

The stages in team development are Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. The characteristics of effective project teams are which team members should share the same interests and values, the team should be diverse in their experiences, skills, and perspectives, the team should have an understanding of the organization's goals and the technical problems to be solved, the team should have the right combination of technical and marketing expertise. The group that develops the concept should have one or more experienced role models who are related by background, experience, skill set, or desire. These experienced role models should be involved throughout the process in shaping, building consensus and consensus-building, and, in the last stages, in overseeing the project. Planning stages may involve group interviews, refining groups, and developing concrete ideas (Pinto, 2019).

Teams fail because they spend too much time thinking about the plan for a project and the parts of the plan that the business wants to be implemented, they do not know enough about how to spend their time, they do not realize how much time is required to build the big picture of the project, they are not disciplined enough to implement the smaller parts, they can't figure out when they should leave some tasks undone (Pinto, 2019).

The general theory of cross-functional relationships framework explains how diverse people can effectively achieve cross-functional relationships that can solve problems that have multiple causes, focusing on the relationship between people rather than on the specific group to which the people belong. This is useful because it provides a framework that can explain how individuals can achieve a group task without those groups recognizing each other as individuals if they possess common motivations and abilities (Pinto, 2019).

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Project teams help project managers get fast access to the right people to handle a wide range of projects, including the rare but very important client work. The downside is that projects must be carefully and cautiously prepared to avoid wasting time and money. A virtual project team is essential because it can provide rapid feedback and remote access to the team members for focused technical and operational decision-making. If projects are initiated by the project team, users can view how projects are progressing using virtual views of their work. A project team is also critical to facilitate the development of core project management practices (Pinto, 2019).

Most projects are conflicts in which one party to the conflict demands or intends to impose and maintain its control and behavior on the other. Conflict management is the objective use of multiple means to resolve or defuse conflict. Collaboration, conflict resolution, and conflict detection involve direct communication and support from two or more representatives in the conflict. The nature of the conflict is very important for a project manager. It is important to define conflict and select the appropriate tool to respond to conflict (Pinto, 2019). For example,

without a conflict management tool for social media posts, the likelihood of complaints becomes higher. There is a risk of creating conflict and an increase in complaints. Also, with the number of followers, incidents will likely have more impact. When it comes to resolving conflict, if the manager is not flexible, he will be managing conflict by adding weight to the issues that are known to occur between people. The more weight he puts on the issues that have already been decided that conflict will increase and it will only get worse. A manager should be able to shift weight before taking an issue that has been decided. This reduces the risk of conflict on future projects (Pinto, 2019).

The strength of negotiation skills will depend on, the ability to convey information to the team effectively, to understand the needs and expectations of the colleagues, and to be able to relate to the peers in a language that they understand. Identifying the required directions to reach the primary or later objectives. A failure to negotiate is likely to lead to a greater risk of project failure and a less desirable project. However, the negotiation skill is not only an essential tool in project management, but it is also a prerequisite for success in other professional fields. Negotiation skills are critical for project and business managers in their interpersonal work and career development (Pinto, 2019).


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