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Reflective Essay on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Civil: I believe that freedom of religion is a basic human right. Freedom of religion protects people's right to live, speak, and act according to their beliefs peacefully and publicly. You will not be persecuted or discriminated against because of the specific religious practices that you do on a daily basis. The freedom of religion is a very important civil liberty because if it didn't exist then there would be total chaos everywhere. With the number of different religions that exist there would be war between religions on which was the right one and the most superior. People that live in one place where they practice their own religion there say for example Buddhism but the area which they live in let's say has a vastly greater amount of Christians living there that a small amount of Buddhist believers would most likely be forced to start practicing Christianity or be forced to leave the community or possibly harmed and killed. “In some parts of the world, religious freedom doesn't exist. A few examples include Myanmar, where Buddhist monks aren't allowed to practice; North Korea, where religious people have been sent to re-education camps; as well as China and some Muslim countries.” Freedom of religion is basic civil liberty because there are many types of religion and many different views on religion and the only way we can coexist in harmony and in peace is by making sure that this civil liberty remains protected.

Political- Everyone should have the right to vote no matter what cultural or racial background you come from. The right to vote is a basic human right. We as a society vote for many things like the president, passing a new law, mayors, and e.t.c. The purpose of voting is for everyone's opinion to be shared because everyone's response deserves to be equally heard. Voting grants people the power not the government because we have the right to vote anyone out of office whom we do not seem fit. If there wasn't voting, powerful dictators would rise to power and end up restricting all of the people they control right’s and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it but fight back and if they did that many would end up dying because dictators usually have the whole military on their side. We can refer back to the times when kings were at power back in the medieval ages. The people living in the kingdom didn't have the right to vote and had to follow all of the king’s commands or they would end up in a dungeon. The king would have all the wealth of the kingdom and would continue to get richer and richer by tax collectors while the poorer class would keep on getting poorer because they can't keep up with the absurd taxes they are forced to pay. Some Kings would favor the people over the wealth and would try as much as they could to keep everyone satisfied in a kingdom while others just wanted all the money and riches to themselves with zero care toward their citizens. People of the kingdom didn't have the right to vote for the king, the king is chosen through bloodline from generation to generation. The right to vote is a very important political and human right because it keeps peace among everyone.

Economic- I believe that everyone has the right best education that seems the fittest for them. Education obviously is fundamental for the human brain to evolve and strengthen with knowledge. Throughout history, people had to fight in order to gain deductions equal to other people.

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Education is what gives people a sense of what's right and what's wrong and makes the world overall a better place. Education determines what your future will be and will help you achieve that future. Poor people usually tend to get less education than people of a higher class in most parts of the world which is simply unfair. The education you would like should be given to you without exception. It is simply unfair that people of the poorer class will get worse education and probably worse jobs than people with high amounts of cash that have good jobs. Studies that have been taken for many years have shown that kids that come from higher-income families have less of a desire to try in schools than students of lower-income families. Education should be a basic human right in order for humanity to continue evolving and become smarter to be able to keep humanity from going extinct.

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Cultural- Everyone should have the right to social security. If you are of old age, disabled, or a survivor you should be eligible for social security insurance which gives money to help you pay for your survival because you can not work anymore and gain money yourself. Everyone should receive this insurance no matter where you live or where you came from. Social security is a cycle where you pay taxes toward social security to provide money for people that can't work anymore and have no way of gaining money to buy necessities in order to stay alive. When you become older or get in a serious injury or die and your family were depending on you to get money the same taxes that you once paid to help the needy in retirement are now going to be received by you from people who pay their social security taxes. These people can be your neighbors, friends, family, people you used to work with, or anyone in general. Social security is a constant cycle and has made countries like the US very successful. In some poorer countries, the amount you receive for social security is low and you are unable to continue managing and fending for necessities in order to stay alive. Social security should be a basic human right and everyone should be eligible to get it because it is necessary to stay alive when you can no longer gain money yourself.

2a. The themes that I find in common throughout the Universal declaration of human rights are Dignity And Justice, Environment, Culture, and Gender.

Dignity and Justice- Dignity and justice for every human being no matter what gender, race, location, religion, who may be in control of your government, social rank, etc is what the declaration of Justice promises. It is mentioned in the first sentence of the preamble and reappears again in Article 1. Justice can be clearly shown and expressed because justice is shown by upholding something that is fair, just, and right, but Dignity is hard to show because it is not something that can be given but instead it must be earned through your actions and it reflects the type of person you are, respected or ignorant. The dignity that is reflected in the Declaration of Human rights tells us that we must treat each other with respect and understanding. The government must especially treat the people living in neighborhoods, communities, societies, cities, and nations with respect.

Environment- Even though the environment is not specifically brought up in the Universal declaration of human rights I believe that it is a vital topic to bring up. As we all know the waste of the world ends up somewhere where it is invading other people's space where they live. An example could be India. The ocean around India and the shorelines are filled with trash. The poorer people or the slums which are located near that area have very to no healthy clean water. While the rich cities have it nice and don't have to worry about what happens in the slums, people that live in slums have to deal with all of the pollution and the poor quality of life. If you dump waste into someone's community without proper consultation or compensation then you are violating their rights. As time goes on our awareness for environmental degradation is increasing with the environment growing worse and worse we can't enjoy our human rights to the full extent. The actions of nations, communities and businesses can really restrict the rights of individuals and cause their life to be bad. This is a theme that is slightly brought up along with all the freedoms that are presented in the Universal declaration of human rights.

Culture-The universal declaration of human rights touches upon how the concept of human rights is closely related to the belief that connects centrally to who we are, our identity. The way of life we live like customs and beliefs or the way we live and die is all depending on the culture we belong to. If you take the culture away from the people you are essentially taking their identity away and making them nobodies. Living in a society that has multiple cultures (melting pot), we get to learn a lot about what makes up the different cultures we interact with and see how they characterized the people associated with the culture, at the same time we can give back to different cultures we interact with by sharing back what makes up our culture. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says “everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community” this means that one has the right to impose their culture over ours by dominating or eradicating our culture.

Gender- “The conception is that all people start life at equals, but at birth, we are treated differently based on if we are a girl or a boy.”The universal declaration of human rights clearly tells us that men and women are not the same but demands that the genders are equal before the law and are not discriminated. It is clearly visible that today we see women being discriminated against in many ways, the most common that is noticed is the way women get treated at work and how much they get paid compared to men. The right to be free of discrimination in terms of gender is specifically brought up in Article 2 of the declaration. Even though article 2 talks about how everyone is entitled to rights no matter what race, color, sex, language, religion, political or another opinion, national or social origin,

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