Rhetorical Analysis Essay on Commercial on ‘Skittles’

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Advertising is a powerful tool that uses various rhetorical strategies to engage viewers, evoke emotions, and influence consumer behavior. The Skittles commercial titled "Taste the Rainbow" masterfully employs these strategies to create a memorable and effective advertisement.

Introduction to the Commercial

The Skittles commercial opens with a vibrant, colorful scene that immediately captures the viewer's attention. The setting is a lively, eccentric town where everything is made of Skittles candy, from the buildings to the people. This whimsical environment sets the stage for the brand's central message: Skittles offers a unique and enjoyable experience.

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Ethos and Pathos

The commercial appeals to ethos by leveraging the credibility of the Skittles brand. Viewers are already familiar with Skittles as a well-known candy product. The presence of the Skittles logo and the iconic "Taste the Rainbow" slogan establishes the brand's credibility. This ethos-based approach reassures consumers that Skittles is a trusted and established choice for a delightful treat.

Moreover, the commercial strategically employs pathos by evoking emotions such as joy, surprise, and wonder. The characters' expressions of excitement as they interact with the Skittles world elicit a sense of happiness in the viewers. The whimsical scenarios, such as a woman kissing a Skittles cow or a man using a Skittles beard trimmer, create a playful and joyful atmosphere. These emotional connections encourage viewers to associate positive feelings with the brand, making them more likely to remember and choose Skittles in the future.

Visual and Verbal Elements

The use of vivid and contrasting colors is a prominent visual element in the commercial. The vibrant colors of the Skittles candies pop against the colorful background, reinforcing the brand's promise of a sensory-rich experience. This visual contrast not only makes the candies visually appealing but also reinforces the idea that each Skittles candy offers a unique burst of flavor.

Additionally, the commercial employs clever wordplay and puns to engage viewers. The narrator's voiceover uses humorous phrases like "you can feel the rainbow" when showing a man petting a Skittles giraffe. These verbal elements add an element of playfulness and reinforce the brand's tagline. The repetition of the tagline "Taste the Rainbow" throughout the commercial creates a memorable and consistent message that sticks with the audience.

Logos and Call to Action

The commercial employs logos by emphasizing the variety of flavors that Skittles offers. The diverse characters in the commercial interact with various Skittles-related scenarios, highlighting the different colors and flavors. This logical appeal suggests that Skittles offers a wide range of taste experiences in each pack, increasing its appeal to consumers seeking variety.

The commercial concludes with a clear call to action: "Find the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow." This directive encourages viewers to actively seek out Skittles and experience the taste for themselves. By using imperative verbs and direct language, the commercial prompts consumers to engage with the brand immediately after watching the advertisement.


In conclusion, the Skittles commercial effectively employs a range of rhetorical strategies to convey its message. Through ethos and pathos, the commercial establishes the brand's credibility and evokes positive emotions. Visual and verbal elements create a playful and memorable atmosphere, while logical appeals highlight the variety of flavors Skittles offers. The call to action encourages immediate engagement with the brand. Overall, the commercial succeeds in captivating the audience's attention, conveying the brand's essence, and motivating viewers to experience the joy of Skittles for themselves.

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