Role And Value Of Advertising In Current Communications Environment

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The broad perspective of marketing communications presents an undertone and an understanding of the role of advertising in the contemporary communication environments in a more societal context. The dramatic changes in advertising across different platforms and spheres throughout the world is an indication of the dynamic and complex consumer behavior within the context of marketing and the strive for it to achieve its ultimate goal (Hansen & Christensen, 2003). The other important concern is the emergence of various media platforms on which advertising is presented. Such platform shapes the kind of message that the advertising content is destined to pass across and most important to kind of audience that it intended to address. Such aspect will automatically influence the value and role that advertising in the contemporary communications environment.

In a more precise perspective value creation is a key aspect of advertising to organizations. That is, companies and firms are more interested in the value that they derive out of advertising initiative as indicated by Eric, John, & Nicolas (2016). Therefore, it is fundamental that the advertising process translates into successful business performance. Just like product and services which need to uphold high of quality in order to enhance value creation to consumers, advertising’s quality must also meet the highest level of standards so that it can contribute hugely in the sales of the products and services that a company provides, as it increases the performance level of the company as well as its bottom line across the industry nationally and internationally. The consumer landscape is a growing paradigm from the different perspectives of online consumers, digital content marketing, therefore a more appropriate advertising platform is critical in impacting on consumers and thus boosting the performance levels of a company.

Foster Consumer Engagement

Advertising has played a critical role in fostering consumer engagement. The successful implementation of digital content marketing (DCM) across the different companies as Random House, Coca-Cola, and Role has resulted in creating consumer awareness, loyalty among consumers, and sales lead conversation (Hollebeek & Macky, 2019). DCM can be attributed to a management process in which its undertakings involves anticipating, identifying an ensuring satisfaction of customers through most appropriate digital content. DCM is a fundamental marketing tool in which information about a firm’s product or service is formulated and disseminated across the different consumers across the globe as noted in the research by Hollebeek and Macky (2019). Additionally, the tool aids the process of developing consumer connections and create a greater level of consumers being attached to brand, and thus contributing to the increased performance and competitiveness of that particular company in its industry of operation locally and internationally (McCoy & Course (2017).

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Well-designed advertising contents try to create value to customers by being the source of information about a brand that they need. That is, the advertising put much emphasis on making the consumers to continuous appreciate the brand or the company itself. It focuses on achieving this by ensuring that it adds value to the lives of these consumers, for instance, by providing a short information and message that can educate the consumers about the product, its use, its importance, and the possible side effects that the come with the use of such a product or service (Hollebeek & Macky, 2019). The authors further acknowledge that advertising will ultimately boost the sales levels of a product or a service, but this can only be achieved through boosting consumer perspective of the brand.

Interpretation of Quality of Intangible Services

According to Spotts, Weinberger and Weinberger (2019), consumers would make rational judgment on products since they can see, feel and touch them: therefore, assess their quality and quantity as well. However, in case of intangible services, there is a problem since when a consumer may have not experienced it first-hand or be informed by another consumer then such lack of knowledge creates a huge gap between the consumers and a possible move to consume the product (Spotts et al., 2019). Advertising is bridging this gap. It is unveiling the content of the service, its attributes among other components that the customer need to know. That is, advertising gives an insightful perspective of some of the professional or consumer services, for instance, consulting, medical care, and teaching. Spotts et al. (2019) posit that these services are highly intangible and consumers would only assess them on basis of subjectivity. Therefore, Spotts et al. (20019) posit that advertising becomes the most reliable platform on which the consumers can base their understanding and make rational decisions after being provided with accurate information through the advertising content as provided the company about a particular product. the consumers would only understand the quality and quantity of the services through the information they get from the advertisement of the product.

Enhancing Brand Equity

Advertising not only advances the awareness aspect among the consumers but it also ensures that such awareness creates a positive brand attitude (Hansen & Christensen, 2003). With a positive brand attitude among consumers is known among marketers to result in the creation of brand equity. The more advert informs the consumers about the aspect of the product or the service that would result in creating value to their lives, the more the product elongates and expands the ground to be accepted across a wide range of customers. According to (Hansen & Christensen, 2003, p. 13), such value addition should be depicted in the advertisement to be over and above what the product or service is objectively characterized to achieve. That additional value that the product or service adds is basically embodied in the attitudes of the consumers towards that particular brand. The brand equity is one aspect that is subject to change as time goes. It primarily leans on the brand name, as it provides an up-to-date summary of thee feelings, experiences and knowledge of the customers about the company’s product or service (Buil, De Chernatony & Martínez, 2013). Companies need to understand that the process of enhancing brand equity calls for an effective advertising process which meets the set objectives, that is, ensuring that the consumers have a positive attitude towards the product or service (Spotts et al, 2019). Therefore, they need to undertake a well-framed brand management process on a continuous basis in order to ensure that there is a continuing positive brand attitude among consumers. On this aspect of brand equity as a key role that advertising plays, Buil, De Chernatony and Martínez (2013) further supports this perspective by stating that it is a key concern in marketing though it remains a multi-faceted construct.


Many agencies and organization devote much of their budget to develop insights to enhance their advertising process. The role and value of advertising across different industries cannot be overestimated at any point in the organization life span. That is, a similar perspective id evidenced in the research undertaken by McCoy and Course (2017) that advertising has been associated with boosting consumers awareness and thus increasing sales output of the product or service being promoted through the advertising content. The authors allude the value of the advertising process by gauging the benefits against the costs that are incurred in rolling out such a project (McCoy & Course, 2017, p. 18). The value and role that advertising creates on the company’s bottom line basically is not only pegged on the budget amount that is allocated for the undertaking of such a project but also the quality of advertising the company undertakes. Moreover, advertising enhances brand equity which entails the additional value that the consumers of the product or service would be able to derive as a result of suing it. The understanding the brand equity among other aspect of advertising as a key measure of brand success is a concrete basis to advance the advertising undertaking of a company from time to time. The emphasis is increasing the budget allocation of the advertising will never be unrewarded is executed in the most effective way.


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