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Should Athletes Receive Compensation?

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When it comes to university athletics, there constantly will be a trouble that arises. It is one of the most controversial subjects there is. One of the main issues with athletics is the idea of whether or not to pay university athletes or not. This has been on the upward shove mainly in football and basketball. In college basketball a big problem arises when it comes to “March Madness”. In media alone “March Madness” is worth 771 million a year. (Keilman). This is when you have to take the time to sit down and think whether these college athletes honestly are getting the short end of the stick or not. Under NCAA laws it is forbidden to pay these athletes for their performance but at the equal time they virtually are talented enough to have a profitable market.

My opinion is college athletes are well deserving of some variety of income. Another motive they have to be paid is due to the truth they are no longer preforming for fun. Nowadays Payment of athletes can be justified because of the commercialized enjoyment they provide to millions of people. These are just a few reasons to rationalize the payment of athletes.

Students are paid to work in club events, as an ambassador, as a waitress at the university dinner spot, or a librarian assistant. These jobs are given to students due to the pastime of a future job. This is simply like college athletes who one day want to be professionals. Why does a student get paid for working on campus doing a hobby they enjoy while making the school money as in working in subway when athlete’s play in games as their hobbies and they don’t? These athletes deserve pay for the time and effort they exert in their sport. If these athletes did not perform on television, then the tv providers would not make money and the schools would not produce as much of an income.

In the end, if anything these college students are the most deserving because rather of their job as a student, they are anticipated to be an athlete and a student at the same time. Their practices and game schedules are so intense and busy they often don’t have time to finish school, or they just drop the difficult classes they take. It is not the fact of taking less complicated training in the sports that is the problem, but it is the fact that these athletes’ jobs are so hard that they can't take care of school work, studying, training plus everything else. This is a full-time job and if we all put in the hours that these athletes did, we would be looking for pay too. Some may also argue this is their choice. However, it is wrong to expect someone’s situation. Many athletes come from poverty and are using their brain to be trained and make a identity for themselves. They have to work twice as hard as the common scholar to succeed. These university athletes deserve at least a little reimbursement for their hard work.

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Another purpose athletes need to be paid is due to the thinking that their so called “free” education is no longer continually free. This is often a strong counter argument when dealing with whether or not to pay university athletes or not. Many will argue that they are given the opportunity of education, cash in the form of scholarships, and the chance to travel around the country. This may also be true, however at what cost? These college students are stuck at the school during breaks and most the summer if not all. They barely see their families, cannot maintain a job due to heavy school and game schedules, and on top of that have lessons to deal with. Coaches work on close to the same schedule as the athletes but at least 60 of the 119 Division 1 coaches make over one million dollars annually. (Winkeljohn). So even though athletes are given a vast amount of scholarships, they still don’t even come close to what their coaches are making. As noted, before, many of these athletes are poor and cannot rub two pennies together. It does now not appear proper that if they are not going to pay the athletes, then why give the coaches millions of dollars when they don’t even have to put in physical work like athletes.

We frequently neglect that taking part in a sport is now not the only way to earn a scholarship. Many students are familiar for first-rate grades, involvement in the band, clubs, or being nicely rounded. Most of these students simply have to study to hold their scholarship, while the athletes have to work at playing the sport well and to be a student. It no longer appears right That brands as in Nike, and reebok pay universities millions of dollars to wear their apparel. (Winkeljohn). Under the NCAA they are now not allowed to make any cash for their skill. Any university scholar has to be able to advise products. This is why the concept of going to college for free no longer can be an argument against paying athletes, because that is no longer the case and they have earned it.

One final purpose of which college athletes should be paid is due to the fact they are already so commercialized. The NCAA is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that generated over $1 billion dollars in one year due to their players’ ability to entertain and function to their fullest extent. (Berkowitz). This makes you think the place the cash have to go. These athletes work hard and are televised for their results. Millions of viewers watch games of these athletes, respect positive players, and pack massive stadiums to watch them play. It almost is complicated to why these athletes would permit tremendous publicity without the chance of being paid. The best possible paid university football coach’s salaries resulted in over 5 million bucks in a year when not a penny went to the athletes. (Holleran). If the athletes have to play for free, then shouldn’t the coaches have a normal mediocre salary instead of earning millions of dollars while the players earn none? There is a great deal of fans when it comes to a fan base between experts and college amateurs that it just does not add up to as why they can receive no money for entertaining millions of people. Even if these university athletes are not receiving a salary, they must be allowed to compensate cash for fans buying their logos are carrying their jerseys or when the athletes get put on videogames or movies. When there is a great amount commercialized on these athletes, it is only fair to pay them for their difficult work and entertainment to others.

Overall, many people nevertheless disagree that athletes should no longer be paid. However, a number of proposals have been made to limit the fee of athletes. If we are not going to pay their worth, then they should at least get hold of a small amount of earning simply as different phase time jobs. I personally think they should get paid simply from their own market. If they can build their brand, then they can earn money. This could be a way to supply a little extra to the paying these athletes. It would also be a good idea to pay those that deserve it. If we are to pay athletes, then it shouldn’t be the injured or the ones that sit down the bench. And if we are no longer going to pay athletes at all it is solely fair to pay for their entire scholarship in total which includes all the extras like travel expenses.

In conclusion, university athletes deserve to be paid for their hard work they put in for their schools. They deserve it because of all the time they put into preparing for big games and practicing long hours after school. They should be paid due to the fact they are no longer being advertised for free. Payment of athletes can be justified because of the commercialized amusement they provide. Athletes don’t only earn the school’s money they also earn plenty of different organizations money. If they can’t get paid due to the school’s income there are plenty of other ways, they could get paid.

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