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Should We Send Humans To Mars?

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Going to Mars is a SERIOUS topic. Space experts throughout the world are debating whether or not we humans should go to Mars. We think it’s a bad idea to go to Mars. It’s very dangerous, for example, and it’s a waste of money. So, people aren’t willing to go to Mars.

To start, it’s a very dangerous task to travel to Mars. Mars is very far from Earth, and it would be dangerous on the way there. Mars has dangerous living conditions such as storms of dust and meteor activity due to the thin atmosphere of Mars, which can be very hazardous. In reality, in David Shiga’s article ‘Stephen Hawking calls for colonies on Moon and Mars,’ Hawking claimed that long flights in microgravity might lead to health problems including bone loss. These are just a few of the risks in Earth.

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The whole Mars mission is also a waste of money. The Mars mission costs $6 billion! By using our advanced technology to travel to Mars, this money can be better invested. With the technology we have, we will reach the entire solar system. It’s much easier to use this process. Even, the Mars mission could crash. The dangerous environments on Mars may not even be possible for humans to survive. Therefore, going to Mars requires a great risk that can result in money wasting. Therefore, we should spend our money in flying to a world like Earth instead of going to Mars. So, the mission to Mars is definitely a waste of money.

Although we feel it’s a bad idea to send people to colonize Mars, from the other side we see some good points. It would pave the way for future exploration, for example. If we can colonize Mars, who knows what else we can achieve! Even if we humans are unable to explore Mars, we could send robots to do that for us just as Stephen Hawking said in the article, ‘Stephen Hawking calls for colonies of Moon and Mars.’ The robots have been able to record information for us to observe here on Earth and it is much safer as well. Although it’s all real, it’s not the brightest idea yet. Although it may be possible to do the exploration for us by sending robots to Mars, it is not the same as humans. People would be able to do exactly what they were planning to do, and to observe exactly what they are looking for.

In short, we think it’s a bad idea to go to Mars. It’s very dangerous, for example, and it’s a total waste of money. Going to Mars is a big risk, and we can’t just take the opportunity. There are many hurdles and difficult challenges to the Mars mission. Therefore, people are not supposed to go to Mars.

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