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The Dangers Of Mars Colonization

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Mars, the fourth planet, smallest, from the Sun. Mars is named following after the Roman god Aris, god of war. Mars has a reddish color so it is commonly called the “ Red Planet” Mars is made out of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, water vapor, and other gases. The travel time to Mars and Earth is about 150 days through 300 days. Well depending on the launch speed, and fuel, more fuel less travel time.

I don’t we should explore Mars because we already lot of issues on Earth, a lot of money, radiation, chronic boredom. Exploring Mars is dangerous because it has radiation. An article states “ It could affect how well people perform on missions, including how quickly and how well they make decisions” This means that radiation can change the way people act. This shows that exploring Mars is dangerous due to radiation. This shows that radiation is dangerous.

The second reason why is money, it cost a lot of money. An article states “ An outside estimate of the cost of a manned mission to Mars is roughly $500 billion” This means that just a manned mission to Mars is expensive. This shows that a mission to Mars a lot of money. So if we do spend this much it will affect the people because we could get less money for jobs. So we won’t get the natural needs we need to live.

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The third reason is issues on Earth, why we should explore Mars if we got problems on Earth we are just gonna ruin other planets. An article states “ 'If we do that on Mars, will we then just create another planet that is no longer hospitable for us? Are we going to then go down through the solar system destroying planets or are we going to learn from our mistakes?' This means that we already have problems on Earth. This shows that living on Earth is not safe. So before we go colonize other planets lets focus on the problems on Earth.

The final reason is chronic boredom. An article states “ In fact, a number of scientists say that of all things boredom is one of the biggest threats to a manned Mars mission, despite the thrill inherent in visiting another planet” Another article states “ What if, millions of miles from home, a chronically bored astronaut forgets a certain safety procedure? What if he gets befuddled while reading an oxygen gauge? More important, Danckert and Kring say, bored people are also prone to taking risks, subconsciously seeking out stimulation when their environment bores them” This means that if we are exploring we just will get bored and lose control. This shows that chronic boredom is a threat to a mission to Mars.

So now you agree with me that exploring Mars or colonizing Mars is not worth it? Well if you still don’t, why don’t you write an article about why we should. I have 4 big reasons why we shouldn’t explore Mars, first a lot of money, issues on Earth, radiation, chronic. Still disagree well keep thinking about and let’s see what you think now. Their hundreds of reasons why going Mars dangerous. Also, hundreds of articles about why Mars is dangerous.

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