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The Technologies Used By NASA To Explore Mars

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20th century, our life on other planets has drastically changed we see ourselves to proceed towards reaching different planets and hold the key to discovery life outside of earth. This research paper comprises the technologies that we ever imagined it comprise of rover that is main technology of gaining the resources as images or the type of surface. There are more to discover through these technologies but till now what we have discovered is that there are organic molecules in sedimentary rocks dating to three million old.


NASA: The National Aeronautics Space administration of the United States they work for the space programs, for the aerospace and aeronautics research it was established in 1958 [1]. If we look at past, we would see that there is a large advancement in the technologies for the exploration of the space, the decision that we took long ago is now showing its results through these technologies [2-3]. These technologies are very useful in the sustainability development, economic feasibility and NASA has now has the potential that they could solve the global problems [4]. It could be clearly seen that each and every time NASA HAS made records through their remarkable technologies that could get images of the space or working for the existence of the life on other plants all of these truly shows the hard work, knowledge and the efficacy of the NASA space Program. The whole credit of the team of the development of these technologies as it requires a tank loaded brain to solve the problems of the Space and research development [5]. NASA is always looking forward to new concept that includes telescopic swarms and the technologies which include mapping of the surfaces.

Technologies that were used for Mars Mission

The main object of NASA is to push its boundary and lead their innovations give the contribution towards the development of the future. NASA has proven time and time again how intrinsic it is in developing space technologies that then are innovated into consumer products which further sustainable development. One of the major parts of sustainable development is fixing environmental disasters which NASA has proven to excel at. These balls absorb the oil that would otherwise decimate unique ecosystems and even serve as a kind of fish food when they decompose (US Space Program Benefits). In addition, NASA protected people using a technology originally developed to protect space technology [6].


Rovers are created as a mechanical equipment that could move from one place to another as shown in Fig. 2. There are different type of maste mounted which gives 360 degree view with two eyed like humans which could help in exploring the images could include microscopic imager for taking close shots of the rocks and soil. These are also used for determining minerology and different types of land [7].


Modifying a Rocket

The most powerful vehicle that uses large amount of energy that is in more development in the vehicle is delta || “heavy” rocket. On august 2004, the seventh mission of mercury was launched. NASA has more than 40 successful launches.

Reason for Differences

As the distance between earth, mars and sun changed in between two rovers launch periods. So, it took different amount of energy [Fig. 3].

ower innovation for Mars Mission

The source of power taken into work for running the mission is of solar power type solar arrays are setup on panels which were specially design to maximize the area of solar cells that derived energy from sun. The solar cells collect energy from sunlight.

Later on, NASA added up triple junction. And this was implemented on space 1 mission, these cells are able to absorb more sunlight and can supply more to the rover’s re-chargeable lithium batteries [8].

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These rovers were able to produce about 900watt hours of energy per day, which provides sufficient time for the exploration as shown in Fig 4.

Telecommunication innovation for Mars Exploration

The ROVERS “talk” to Mars Odyssey, which is constantly orbiting the red planet. It takes the orbiter to go from horizon to horizon for about 10 minutes. There is rover’s UHF antenna which communicate s with odyssey which is only come due to the increase of technology from the vast majority of science data [5].

Another spacecraft, returned about eight percent of all data before the spacecraft stopped communication with earth in November 2006, following 10 years of operation [Fig. 5]. A small amount of data has been returned directly to earth via the X – band link. Orbiter with more capable X- band communication system can transmit data to earth at a faster rate. The antenna is built to receive data and they built on spacecraft and is limited given all of it that rely on them [2].

Engineering in Space

It is built by path finder autonomy developed by Camegie Mellon University. Two other embedded applications combine software and hardware performance [Fig 6]. It stabilizes motor control fist. The rover wheels and the brushes on the rock abrasion tools. The time flight component is a battery-controlled board that balances the charge on batteries, control the clock. A total of twenty cameras aid and the twin rovers are there in search for the past presence of water on mars. The mission provides the highest resolution pictures of mars. These are the advancement of cameras that work on other planets [3-4].

For the new exploration by computing and commanding the technologies that operates the spacecraft. It also helps in operating the rovers and for monitoring the robotic missions and for navigation and to avoid accidents software. Engineers on Earth are sent sequence of details of the different tests that are done by the rovers to explore the conditions of the Mars.

Result of these technologies searching the Signs of Water and life conditions

The Mars exploration done by NASA which could be seen through the researches that the microbial life with the normal conditions. The rovers that shows us the more information of the surface conditions of the MARS planet [Fig 7].

Soaked in Salty Waters Long Ago

As far the Mars is seen to be as planet that a place where life could be possible but we have highly seen the presence of the Acidic soaked areas where the presence of water could be more acidic which could be a more research could be done in the conditions of water.


Currently, NASA focuses on the search of life and water, as the main part for Mars research, and has created huge amount of success in missions the space agency is now at a position where they could answer the questions about life and existence of living on Mars. But it’s not the end there is still investigation for their chemical and fossil.


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