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Insect Life On Mars

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Can life really exist anywhere else in the universe other than Earth? Does this presence of life prove the existence of aliens? Till now, Mars is the only planet which has shown some kind of signs of possibility of the existence of life on it. The research on this very topic has been going on for many years. Many found signs of life and many others disregarded those studies. But now, after countless studies on the topic, it is largely believed that might really be some kind of life that exists on the red planet.

Emeritus William Romoser, a professor at Ohio University, has been doing detailed research and study on this very topic. He claims that the planet Mars has always had some kind of life on it. Romoser supports his claim by showing internet images taken of the planet where he highlights what looks like an insect on Mars!

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There are still many researches going on about the topic. The studies which have already been completed conclude that there is apparent diversity among the Martian insect-like fauna which show many similarities which the insects found on Earth. The images taken of the Red Planet show the existence of life-forms which look somewhat similar to reptiles and bee like insects. The pictures which show the existence of Martian insects, even though are blurry, show different body parts of the insect. On Earth an insect is identified by the presence of three regions of its body, presence of a single pair of antennae, and around six legs. These characteristics should likewise be valid enough to identify any organism as an insect, even if found on another planet. The insect-like forms which can be seen in the photos taken of the Mars surface somewhat match these characteristics and hence, labelling them as insects should not be incorrect.

Some researchers though do not agree with Romoser on his findings. They say that the proof which the professor is providing with is not authentic enough. The ‘insects’ which he has highlighted can just merely be rocks or blops on the image. There is no proper believable image proof for the discovery which he claims to have made. They also say that one cannot simply believe such a big claim just because of something which is just a guess and was found in a blurry picture. They refuse to come in terms with the fact that the insect like forms which he discovered in the pictures really are insects on Mars, they can even be shadows if one wants to call it that.

Although it has not yet been proved whether or not life really exists on Mars, but the results which have come from all these researches should not spark the interest of other researchers and organizations to study this topic in more detail. This way we can possibly get an answer of the question ‘Is the existence of life on another planet possible?’

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