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The Effects of Cybercrime on Social Media

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Back when the term ‘computer’ meant mainframes and reel-to-reel tape drives,computer criminals were masterminds who used their programming talents to glean millions of dollars from banks and corporations.These crooks were so ingenious in their schemes that many banks and corporations cut deals to hire them as security consultants rather than send them to prison.Today, the average desktop workstation has all the computing power of one of those old mainframes, the average American home has at least one computer, and computer criminals are no longer masterminds, just crooks and creeps doing what crooks and creeps do. Today and every day, thousands of people worldwide are being victimized by computer crime. That’s why just about every major municipal or county law enforcement agency in the United States now has a new breed of detective: the computer crime or “cybercrime” investigator.

It’s easy to pinpoint the reason why cybercrime has statistically exploded since the mid-1990s. Just about every computer on Earth is now connected via a once obscure research tool called the Internet. Once derided as a passing fad and the CB radio of the ‘90s, the Internet and its graphic component the Worldwide Web have become so prevalent since 1995.The rise and evolution of social media has changed the definition of communication and social interaction. We have seen how different social media platforms like Facebook and twitter have brought a revolutionary change the way we used to use Internet for both personal and professional purpose. There is no doubt or space to deny the effective impact of these social media platforms on our regular life, professional life, and even on our business. Every good this has some drawbacks and loopholes, and it is advised to be aware about those loopholes before getting trapped inside of those loopholes. Online or cyber security is one such issue which is directly involved with the uses and impacts of social media networks.

From illegally sharing copyrighted songs to revealing top-secret government documents,cybercrime is a wide and constantly evolving threat tha serves no single purpose.New security measures are being developed all the time to keep pace with criminals,so it’s important to stay aware of current trends.An excellent foundation includes contolling your social media by keeping personal information private.Cybercriminals may only need a few bits of personal information to execute their plan.Do not share your password with any of your friends,colleagues or even any online form.Use your debit and credit card wisely while purchasing items online.One must determine which information to share and which one not to.If the platform does not comply do not risk venturing further.

There is no single way that cybercriminals operate,they use different strategies from stalking which is a form of harassment,phishing which utilizes decoy emails and websites to trick users.Having an updated security suit against viruses and malware to safeguard programs from threats is required.Anti virus and firewalls enhance protection and detect foreign invasion in the computer.

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Network attacks such as denial of service are another effect of cybercrime.These attacks break institutional web security and pose a serious threat.Determine which information to share and which one not to.Some opt to deactivate their accounts in social platforms after they are attacked but the best solution is to make them extremely private as possible.

Security settings come with timing;for one to be able to note the intrusion one needs to set alarm clocks at vulnerable times.This online alarm makes sure that one is alert and intuitive.If you take a false check into a bank and the security camera is not pointing at you when you pass it then there is no trail to you but one can’t do anything online without leaving a trail.

  • Maintain a strong home network. A VPN encrypts all information as it leaves your devices, meaning hackers will only be able to intercept nearly impossible to decipher traffic.
  • Take note of major breaches in the news. If you’ve done business with an institution that has suffered a data breach, determine what information may have been stolen, and immediately change your password.
  • Remember to keep your security as portable as you are. Whether at a local café or visiting another country, be sure to implement the same safeguards, such as a VPN, even if it requires extra work.
  • Monitor the particularly vulnerable persons in your life, such as children and the elderly. Not only are they easier targets, but these groups are not likely to be checking their credit scores and other metrics that might raise red flags.Cyber crimes include child pornography and many perverted individuals take advantage of the vulnerability of minors.

Cybercrime is a massive problem,and it requires a massive respone.A specialized MS in criminal justice is an excellent foundation in this battle,providing the basics on how modern technology and crime fighting meet.The techniques are drastically differnt from the physical world applications of criminal justice.Computer forensics can track the the internet protocol (IP) address of the individual hacker.Internet service provider have records of everything a subscriber does on the internet.Large ISPs often keep their data for as much as 30 days, but that’s not true in all cases. Data storage is a major cost center for ISPs, and some save money by dumping the data very quickly.

There is no law that requires people to maintain there data.With records being digital there existence is very finite,to work with speed and efficiency is necessary to nail these upcoming threats.

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