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The Importance Of A Good Sense Of Humor, Patience, And Humility

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Are you fun to be around? Can you exercise patience to listen to others? How far are you really to submit to authority or make others feel important? A genuine responds to these questions as simple they appeared to be depicts to a large extent the packages life presents you with.

A good sense of humor rewards you with joy and happiness for yourself and those around you. It spices and lightens up your mood, presenting you with so many pleasures even in the mist of work pressures as well connects you with people around you. This is one of the ingredients persons with a positive approach to issues in life possess. In some cases, Your sense of humor also can reveals some other area of your character unknown to you, in that, when you listen to jokes it shows how patience you are and when you laugh, it shows your level of agreement.

However, you can adequately develop this trait gradually and integrate it into your lifestyle through any of the possible ways: staying around funny people, watching comedy videos, making jokes from your experiences, and always stay off stress. These will help put you on a pace of good sense of humor.

Can you remember that moment when you yell at someone knowing quite well that the person is hurt but you cannot help it because you are behind schedule? Impatient can make you stressed and even expose your health to danger. In addition, it damages relationship with those around you because they see you as someone with poor decision making skills and bad temper. The truth is that, people see you as impulsive, arrogant and insensitive when you are impatient.

Some people are impatient without knowing. However, when you notice any of the following signs, you are experiencing impatience: muscle tension, restless feet, irritability, quick decision or snap, rushing, nervousness, clenching of hand and shallow breathing. These are signs that can make thing go wrong.

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“Patience” according to Joyce Meyer “is not simply the ability to wait” she continued “It’s how we behave while we are waiting”.

It’s very wrong to be impatience not only does it hurts those around you, it also put your health in jeopardy. The good news is that you can be the patience person you want to be, here are tips to get on the pace;

  1. Identify that you are actuality impatience and note those things that makes you impatience then take suitable approach to handle them if relevant, discard them if irrelevant.
  2. Always set your priorities right. Ensure to do away with those things that are not relevant. This helps you to be free from stress and have saves time for important ones.
  3. Try to make sure you start your activities earlier enough or before time. If you have an appointment at 2pm, you can get yourself set by 1pm. In addition make yourself to wait. Practice it often, and always tell yourself quietly “I can wait’.
  4. When you notice any of the symptoms of impatience, relax and take a deep breath.

You need to understand that being patient is a virtue that is possible to attain if you set out to identify the symptoms and take the workable approaches to tackling impatience provided above. Meanwhile, your quest for sense of humor and patience without humility is only going to be a mission impossible, because you will find it difficult to genuinely learn from others, listen to them, make corrections and implement right measures in relating with people successfully.

Humility is simply the state of being humble which does not in any way show lack of confidence but depicts values for other people’s opinion without self-pride “if there is one thing I have learned on this incredible journey we call life, it is this: the sign of a truly successful individual is humility”. Naveen Jain

From the stated quote above, humility is a quality trait of successful people that has helped them build good relationship. The act of being humble entails that you accept the truth that somehow you have limitations and that others too have something to offer and need to be given a chance. It doesn’t mean lack of confidence, it mean absent of self-pride. Consequently, when humility meets sense of humor and genuine patience in an individual, success is inevitable.

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