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The Majesty Of Chinese Terracotta Warriors

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I chose to research the Terracotta Warriors as I feel they open the gateway to many interesting events from Ancient China, including the reign of Emperor Qin, and are an interesting topic to study. The questions I chose seem to be the most logical and straight forward to answer my inquiry question. I expect there to be many resources such as books websites and photos on my artefact but there may be a few incorrectly written or biased secondary sources. I believe the Terracotta Warriors are crucial to Ancient China's past. This is a reliable piece of evidence as it is a primary source. It is a primary source as the artefact itself is being analysed not the photo and the artefact is from 208 BCE in Ancient China.

The warriors are from 208 BCE in Ancient China. This source was found in a booklet made by the British Museum. In what year? The year is unknown. The purpose of this source is so that people can see what the Terracotta Warrior look like as most people wouldn't be able to see them in person. It can also improve study to know exactly what an artefact looks like instead of just reading about it. The source does not directly help to answer the inquiry question but it helps with knowledge about the artefact and helps to form more questions that may answer the inquiry questions. • This is a secondary source as the book is being analysed, not the images inside of it and the book was not made in ancient Egypt

This source was created in 2008 (a bit outdated) and it reports on events from when the terracotta warriors were built (208BCE) to when the book was made (2008BC). Source purpose is to inform the reader/s about the discovery and history behind the warriors, this is most likely directed toward middle school students or upper primary because it isn't a big textbook but there is a fair bit of information. Because the information was purely factual, it does not seem to include a perspective or bias

Source was mildly useful as it only contained a handful of information useful to this investigation. • This is a secondary source as the website's information is being interrogated, not the images, and this website was created in 2019CE not 210BCE. This source is current and complete.

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This source was created in (2019CE) and informs the public about the Terracotta Warriors and the period from which they are from (210BCE). The source was created to inform students from high school and upwards about the history of the Terracotta Warriors. The writers of this source would not gain or lose anything depending on how people perceived or how many people viewed the source. There is no visible bias within this source. This source does not seem to contain bias.

The Khan Academy (2019) and Asian Art Museum (2012) websites were the most useful as they included the most information that was relevant in answering the sub-questions. They provided several lines of evidence that were beneficial in answering questions. 'The pits were filled with not only the warriors, but chariots, weapons and also toys' (Khan Academy 2019) helped to answer “who built the terracotta warriors and why?” and 'an investigation on the emperor began when the warriors were discovered' helps in answering “what does this artefact reveal about the civilization it belonged to?”.

The most reliable sources were the secondary sources from the Khan Academy (2019) and the Asian Art Museum (2012) websites as they are fairly current as they were updated/published in 2019 and 2012 and were written by reputable organizations. Khan Academy is a ‘non-profit educational organization’ created to teach students online. The Asian Art Museum is a national museum that houses over 18,000 artefacts from ancient China and also has educational webpages about their artefacts. This makes them credible because to publish lessons and organize school excursions they must provide legitimate information and be validated by reputable sources/people. Furthermore, they do not have much to gain from publishing websites about the Terracotta Warriors.

The exploration of the Terracotta Warriors moderately helps to inform historians about key events from Ancient China as although the pits were filled with artefacts from Ancient China such as the toys, chariots and weapons they only really helped to inform about one single emperor in all of China's history and there were barely any writings or stories depicted.

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