The Peculiarities Of Juvenile Crime And Justice

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My thoughts on why the supreme court are not giving juniors who committed a horrible crime and will not be getting the life sentence is not fair to the justice system and its not fair for the victims family. The supreme court did this because it broke the 8th amendment which is “unusual punishment” but its not, if they commit the crime they have do the time. The juvenile death penalty was stopped along time ago because it was a cruel punishment. Im against the supreme court for not giving a life sentence to minors who commit a terrible crime and let me tell you why.

I get that their just ¨Kids¨ but I argue that kids should know that murder is wrong and that shouldn't be an excuse for them to act this way. Furthermore an article by Marjie lundstrom argues that “kids are kids until they make a horrible crime.” I can defend this by saying kids are still growing up but they should only be tried as an adult if there crime was horrible but if it was something small like stealing or drugs they should get a little help like counselling and community hours.

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Furthermore if they committed murder then i would sentence them the same as an adult cause they should know taking someones life is never okay. The supreme court's decision on not giving juveniles life isn't fair towards the victims family because they wont get the justice they need and just for them to see the person that killed their child or parent get a less sentence because they're a juvenile isn't justice. I get that they are young and their brains havent been fully developed in more detail they still should know right from wrong but some kids might have anger issues and don't know how to handle it. But looking more into why the supreme court stopped giving a youth's a horrible sentences according to this jlc article states that “they don't want to give juveniles a life sentence because they aren't fully grown and brains aren't fully developed.” this doesn't mean they dont know right from wrong, it just sounds like an excuse to me.

Defending this depends on the situation to if they have to hurt someone where it leads to that person's death and they were protecting themselves or others from a bad person in case that's self defense he's protecting themselves and maybe others.

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