Online Shopping Vs in Store Shopping Essay

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The modern life has become more and more convenient with the internet usage. It does not only provides humans more opportunities with means of communications, but also the platforms of business. Some people find it more preferable to shop online while some fancies to shop at the real shop. In this essay, you will learn about the differences between online shopping and traditional shopping in term of the convenience, time saving, travelling expense reduction.

The first dissimilarity of online shopping and traditional shopping is the convenience Shopping via internet, you can get your wanted things to be delivered to your house with just a smart device in your hand. Moreover, you are able to shop in every situation no matter where and when you are. Also, you are not bothersome over bargaining the price because there is always price showing on the screen with each items. For example, during your lunch time, you can visit some online shop websites to find your favorite items with suitable price, then you can order, pay via the internet and wait some days for it to be delivered. In contrast, doing traditional shopping, you have to visit the particular shops to buy a specific item. For example, if you want to a pair of Adidas shoes, you have to visit The Adidas shops, and of course you cannot find them in Nike shops.

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The second difference of online shopping and traditional shopping is saving the time. Doing online shopping, you can save a lot of time because you do not have to waste your time asking a salesperson to bring you the fitting size since you can do it by yourself when ordering online. Furthermore, you are free from standing in a line for payment as the requirement is to pay via the bank account. On the contrary, traditional shopping needs more time spending because you have to visit one store to another just to find your favorite goods. In addition, you may spend some times bargaining the price, waiting for a free fitting room , and standing in a row to pay your goods.

The final unlikeness between online shopping and traditional shopping is reducing the travelling expense. Shopping online enables you to save the gas and parking fee. You do not need to spend money on your vehicle use since you can comfortably sit on your sofa shopping from your home. On the other hand, traditional shopping requires a lot of travelling because you sometimes have to visit more than one shop to buy your favorite items. In case you are stuck in a traffic jam, then, the expense on gas consuming has to increase depending on that traffic situation.


In conclusion, the online shopping benefits regarding to the comfort, the expense of time and travelling reduction of are completely over the traditional shopping benefits Therefore, I would recommend everyone to start shopping via the internet since it enables us with many advantages

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