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Well-Being and What It Depends on

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Well-being is effected by an individuals sense of living a good and purposeful life, and the sense of wellness can be measured against Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Which suggest that for an individual to be satisfied with their life, they need to achieve five main goals in their life to feel successful. In this hierarchy, an individual needs basic needs to be met such as food, water and sleep. But also the sense of a safe place or a secure environment. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs carries on to state that individuals need a sense of belonging, this need can be achieved by creating and maintaining close relationships such as family and friendship groups. The final two needs of the hierarchy are an individuals self-esteem and self-fulfilment. Going by this theory of wellbeing, an individual requires several aspects of their lives to be deemed as successful, from their own viewpoint to have a good sense of well being. However, mental health can be described as individuals own ability to cope with negativity.

I believe that a persons sense of wellness is closely related to a persons mental health, and vice versa. An individual who may deem themselves unsuccessful in certain areas of their life, may have a negative viewpoint and struggle to cope emotionally.

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For example: An individual in the late 30’s may believe that they should be settled down with a partner and children. And have people make comments towards them, in regards to a lack of a family setting. However, this individual may have been career driven and not wanted to have a family, but as the comments are repeatedly made by family and friends, they may seems themselves as lacking in a relationship and due to this may see themselves as unsuccessful.

I used this example as the individual, could have the house, food and water, and the sense of security. Also, they could have progressed in their career, to have a good sense of fulfilment. But they do not have the family or social goals that they would have hoped to have had. This could lead this particular individual to have a negative or ill mental health. And due to this mental ill health, they withdraw from social events and plans, so in turn are less likely to meet other people.

Another example, is an individual who suffers from ill mental health, will have difficulties in maintaining their nutritional intake, and self neglect can become part of their norm. As this develops, the individual will find it difficult to maintain relationships as they struggle emotionally and mentally. This is where the individual will struggle to find a sense of achievement and fulfilment, in there lives. By neglecting their personal needs the individual will have a very difficult time to have a good sense of wellness and positivity, without intervention.

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