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What America Means to Me: Opinion Essay

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What does being American Mean? Well if I'm being honest there is not a straightforward answer to what being American means. So I'm going to first start by telling you what America has meant in the past, well in the past there was always something going on in America. There was always some type of war or battle going on. America was always fighting to keep our country from enemies that keep trying to win it over, there were so many wars and battles I can speak about and name but first let me tell you why they would fight in the first place well all of the fights were over America to keep America safe and not get it taken away from enemies.

America was always getting into these big wars and battles to make sure our flag was still standing after every battle. If our flag was still standing then we automatically know America has won the battle or war that was happening and that was how we knew America was okay and still our country. This is why we do the pledge of allegiance to show our loyalty to this country and thank everyone who fought in the wars for our country, also another big part of what America meant in the past was freedom people from all over started crossing oceans to get to America but had to wonder if they were gonna be able to get accepted to actually be here and get to stay in America to start a new beginning in their life and have freedom some people got accepted and others didn't.

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In my eyes, America means freedom, privileges, and rights as in we can make decisions and changes when were older. America isn't perfect but it's one of the only countries we get to make our own decisions to vote, a lot of people don't get that privilege in other countries. When we are at 18 years of age we can vote for rodes changes, environmental changes, and more. We also get to make a vote about who we want for our president and be able to make our own vote and not be forced to vote for something or somebody we don't want. We can make our own decisions to help our country and make it better and grow because we have the privilege to make that change.

There are a lot of people who just dream to be American because people really make it seem like peace. But is it really? I mean America has its times where it could be great and peaceful but it also has its times where it has its Negation. Most American Negations are with police and colored people such as Mexicans and African Americans. I mean you always hear of white cops shooting African American teenagers over just getting pulled over or asking a simple question on why there being stopped. Some families come to America for a new start and new beginning and then they lose a child. Stuff like that is not okay and it happens all the time but people don't really see that part of America no one really does. Another Negation is Judgement not even with just police with people in general Mexicans go to restaurants speaking Spanish and get judged and treated differently stuff like this is not okay.

Are you still wondering what America means? Well, this is what America means crazy how America means basically the same thing as it meant in the past. Yes, America basically means Change, Freedom, Rights, and Judgement. Sad how Judgement is one of the biggest meanings of America. You come to America with a different culture and for a fact, you're gonna get judged but that is America. Like I said before, America has its times where it can be good and peaceful or have a lot of negation In my eyes, this is what I think America means and has meant in the past years.

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