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First of all, I will start by defining what I think morality is. Morality is a doctrine that allows us to differentiate between right and wrong, it governs us and also allows us to live in society.

In my opinion, morality has evolved in a significant way and it has evolved in a rather positive way in the acceptance of oneself and others.

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Indeed, only a few years ago it was impossible to love and be seen publicly with a person of the same sex without being said to be 'immoral', whereas today what one would tend to call 'immoral' would be the fact of not accepting homosexuality or the perception of gender that the person has of himself.

Still, in the acceptance of others, xenophobia is much less present than a few years ago, indeed a period like segregation would be impossible today as it would violate all the fundamental freedoms and human rights, moreover, the country would risk having sanctions and economic restrictions from other countries.

The evolution of morals with the abolition of the death penalty. A few years ago, people could be humiliated and guillotined in public.

When we talk about the evolution of morals, we can only think of the evolution of women's rights.

This century has certainly allowed women to advance in the fight against discrimination by men, such as the right to vote, which they acquired in 1945 in France, 1938: Women could enroll in university without their husbands' permission, 1975: The law authorizes voluntary interruption of pregnancy (abortion).

Women have also seen their position in society change, particularly following the Second World War. Because when men were at war the country's internal economy was not functioning, so women started to work, and then following the appearance of supermarkets (Auchan) women started to have real jobs (cashiers).

That being said, generational movements exist, as with adultery: in 1981, only 15% of young people aged between eighteen and twenty-nine condemned adultery; in 1999, this figure had doubled to 32%; at the same time, the attitude of people aged sixty and over on this subject has not changed: the gap between the generations has therefore narrowed (https:www.lemonde.frarcque hivesarticle20001116l-evolution-des-moeurs-au-fil-des-generations_3631252_1819218.html

This being said we are not 'good people' for all that. In fact, despite the evolution of peoples and mentalities, Man is still subject to his human nature. For example with war, despite having experienced the first and second wars. We can take the example of Putin in Ukraine.

To conclude, we can therefore say that in some areas, the French have become more permissive, in others less so, and in still others, notably in civic matters, their attitude shows remarkable stability. This relative average stability, however, masks important generational movements: in some areas. This being said it is certain that Man tends to be a good person.

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