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What Would You Say To Humans If You Were Planet Earth?

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Earth nowadays is a very hot and humid place.It is also the most polluted planet.This is all because of our own attitude.So if we can help our planet to be more healthy then we will be able to save the Earth from this problems.I think that there are many ways to solve this problem but one them is the most difficult thing to do which is change our attitude towards the environment.We should not only focus on the negative aspects of our environment but also on positive is because if we don’t change our attitude towards the environment then it will effect us negatively.

So if I were a planet Earth , I will tell to humans to stop destroying the environment and start finding ways to help me.The first one is you have to stop littering everywhere especially into ocean,river and lakes.This kind of attitude can kill aquatic animals in the ocean with up to 267 different species because of the plastic.You can avoid this by recycle,reuse and reduce (3R) the plastics , papers and glasses.The 3R method can prevent many problem from occurs such as acid raining,open burning ,unpleasant odour ,polluted water and others.

Not only that , you should also avoid to open burning and use too much vehicles which make so many smoke which is lead to the air pollution.This also can thinning the ozone layers of Earth.

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Then , you also have to prevent illegal logging from occur.This activities will effect the natural habitats of animals . The wildlife animals will die because there is no natural habitats and this will make wildlife animals endangered.You also can be effected by this because the oxygen will decreasing because there is no tree.Our economy also can be effected and the most important thing is landslide can occurs.If this really happened, it’s really bad for us and environment.

Last but not least, you have to stop or less using fossil fuels and oil because these can constribute to global warming because fossil fuels is not green sources of energy and non-renewable energy sources.

In the conclusion we as humans need to prevent all these kind of things happen to our beloved planet, our home , our everythings which is Earth because if Earth is polluted so we alsa be effected.So love Earth as you love yourself.

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