The Evolution Of Humanity Living On Mars

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As we go further within the future, the Earth is getting more and more polluted each passing day. It will eventually come up to the point where it couldn’t sustain any more lives, having the possibility of it “breaking down”. Our reign is coming to an end, which is the reason why numerous people around the globe have been searching for an alternative; a new habitable planet where they could call home. In result, have found the so – called perfect planet for this; Mars. Mars has been labeled as a planet similar to Earth; the Red Planet. Researchers have seen many similarities between the two planets, but they’ve also seen the differences; how they affect the bodily systems of human beings, the seasons the planets portray, and the creatures living on it. Changes will interfere humans' colonization and will need to adapt to the living conditions Mars has for us.

The planet we call Mars can be inhabited by man, but only for a limited time only due to the current limitations of what humans can do. It cannot be colonized by human beings or any living creatures that are accustomed to Earth for that matter as science is still finding ways to raise animals, plant vegetables and ultimately produce animal products which are necessary for human beings or any living creature to survive. When plants and animals are discovered to have the ability to grow on Mars, together with availability of water, the possibility of colonizing mars by man will be of a more achievable possibility. Without those human necessities, colonization of any planet is an impossibility. As of now, science is not only finding ways to survive by looking at the things needed for survival like food and shelter, but is also looking at ways for man to be immune to whatever viruses or infections that might be present in a specific planet which might not be known here on earth. We need immunity from these unknown viruses. A vaccine should be invented or as soon as scientists identify what kind are present on the planet of which we haven't fully explored yet. Unless these immunities are within the humans themselves, no human will survive the atmosphere to colonize Mars without any protective gear. One thing should be kept in mind; viruses and or microbes mutate specially in a secluded place, more so in dark and empty surroundings. It will take a considerable amount of time before man can get to the point of colonizing a different planet. Although for now, Mars is the most practical and Earth-like planet to colonize because of the presence of water. It is one of the most necessary resource to guarantee human beings to survive. Added to those necessities; one factor that should be taken into consideration is the capability of man to withstand the atmosphere on Mars. Is the gravitational force on Mars lighter or heavier than that on earth? Is the heat and radiation from the sun tolerable to human skin? Too much sunlight can result in skin cancer due to the radiation destroying the DNA of our skin cells. Another should also be taken into consideration; the protection of the Martian atmosphere to humans without any protective gear. Will the unstable atmosphere and radiation be tolerable by the complex but sensitive human anatomy? More research is needed to make sure we are able to be self-sufficient on Mars. We need to find ways on living on Mars for extensive periods of time without having to solely rely on the resources of Earth. There should be a way to make use of the planet's immense amount of resources to our survival. And if we are able to do that, colonization of Mars can be a possibility.

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Human Evolution is a process of changing, such as Homo erectus turning into Homosapiens; will eventually create composite species which will have to adapt to their environment. Scientists shows that the physical and behavioral characteristics of these ape – like creatures evolved approximately over six million years. On Mars, the cosmic radiations found on the planet’s surface could lead to mutations. Solomon have stated that evolution will get faster or slower, depending on the mutations needed. Mutations plays the most important role in evolution because it generates different genetic variations such as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), so if mutations do happen for the people living on Mars, it will generate a fifty percent rate advantage; meaning that those individuals will pass on those genes at a much higher rate. Every baby born on Earth has over 60 mutations, and will turn into thousands when born on Mars, meaning that mutations on Mars will have a faster rate compared to Earth. It is predicted that within a generation or two, human colonizers will adapt to the changes of the newly discovered environment. To have a human colony on Mars, humans would have to reproduce in order to be successful, however, there will be risks on reproducing on a mysterious planet. Scott, an evolution biologist, believes that scientists should start studying the various results that may happen to a human’s gene pool, especially the ones who will be surviving there first. A human baby who will be born on Mars may suffer horrific mutations due to the cosmic radiations that exist. During pregnancy, the higher radiation and the possibility of cells deformation and mutation will cause a miscarriage. Mars has only 38 percent of the Earth’s gravity, which will gradually have a negative effect on a baby’s development. According to Doctor Schuster and Doctor Peck, who studied the impact on pregnancy on Mars; confirmed that there will have an abnormal development. However, it is not only all about the mother and her offspring, but it would also put the entire crew in danger, as US scientists believe.

Whether Mars colonists evolve or not, there are changes that may happen on different aspects of Mars due to the different atmosphere it produces. It may have a big difference regarding their immune system, and their physiological aspects. Because of the lesser amount of light, it may cause changes on the eyes. Since our eyes are accustomed a certain amount of light, the eyes of the colonist might be larger, and our optical system and the brain will have to adjust to improve on finding new ways to collect more light. If that happens, they will have bigger eyes which may cause their skull to be more robust. Due to the lesser light, the skin tone may be pale while their hair would be a lighter tone, but because of the thinner atmosphere, their skin is said to be darker, since the darker pigmentation will help block the effects of radiation. Solomon stated that being on Mars will help them produce more carotenoids that will make their skin a brighter orange than the melanin that provides a brown color which usually produced by the genes of humans. There is a study that have concluded that carotenoids are biosignature models for the possible creatures staying on Mars so it is possible that human colonists may develop to adopt this kind of skin tone due to the environment of Mars. Moreover, Mars only has about 38% of Earth’s gravity. The Mars colonist who started their life with larger bones is expected to have a longer and more stretched which is a result on living there. Due to these changes, it will be critical for a woman to give birth to a child because it will not fit on the pelvic part of a pregnant woman’s body, so more women will have to take the cesarean section route. Because of the C – section, it is predicted that the mars colonist will have a bigger head than usual. Because there is a study that the rising popularity of Cesarean sections does help with delivery of babies with increased head sizes. When it comes to effect of living of these new humans in Mars, it will be hard to predict this, but they will probably make their own cultural norms and dialect.

In conclusion, we have the possibility living on Mars, maybe not as a direct alternative, but only as a back – up when the world supposedly ends. Living on Mars is quite different the environment on Earth, and we will end up adjusting to the environment Mars has instore for us. It will cause us to have changes, whether it be physically or physiologically, there is no denying that humanity will evolve on a planet we call a “Plan B”, and researchers will have to study more about the life there to ensure if it is safe to live there for a long period time or not.

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