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Who Inspires You: Essay

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My aunt that lives in Australia is an excellent leader to me, she is selfless and caring. She works at the red cross, where she helps young mothers who have fallen pregnant and are unable to provide for themselves and their new babies. She helps them learn how to be a mother and finds them jobs to keep them off the street. By doing this, she gives moms the opportunity to fix their lives and be good mothers. Most of these women come from broken homes and usually do not have the father of their children involved. By her doing her job, she keeps many children off the street and gives them and their mothers brighter futures. Her source of power is being able to provide safe homes for innocent children. She inspires me as she gives up her time to help people, instead of just having an ordinary job, she spends all her time worrying about other people. She inspires me to help others as she has shown me how fulfilling life can be when you are selfless. She's an inspiration and I hope that I can help as many families as she has.

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Trevor Noah is a very well know comedian for Soweto. Trevor is a leader because he proves that you can come from hard times but still be amazing. He shows that your circumstances shouldn’t define your future. He is a true leader because he developed an amazing sense of humor while overcoming a rough home life and segregation from his country. Noah’s father was white and his mother was black. In South Africa, Noah was born a crime because of apartheid. This caused many dangerous situations for him and his mother. While growing up, he had a very abusive stepfather who almost killed his mother. By overcoming all his hardships, he shows us that anything is possible, by doing this he is teaching future generations how to overcome hard times. He has a large platform and is able to send his message to a large number of people. When I'm going through a tough time, I think if he can get through all of his pain, I can get through my hard times. “The Trevor Noah Foundation is a Johannesburg-based non-profit organization that equips orphans and vulnerable youth with the education, life skills, and social capital necessary to pursue further opportunity upon graduating high school or matric.”, he is giving many children the opportunity that he was barely able to have. He is giving all children the chance of a successful life.

Greta Thunberg is a 16 old climate activist. She has inspired a number of her peers in what has been described as the 'The Greta effect'. In response to her outspoken stance, she has been noticed by millions of people around the world. She has made such an impact that wealthy philanthropists and investors have donated half a million pounds to support Extinction Rebellion and school strike groups to establish the Climate Emergency Fund. She has taught people that age doesn’t mean anything if you have a strong mindset and care a lot about a cause, she shows and inspires all young children to voice their opinions and that their age doesn’t matter. She has made many people listen and think about what they are doing to the earth, she is going to continue raising awareness and keep asking important questions. She is making a future possible for the generations to come. Her power comes from her not giving up when people shut her down and she keeps pushing for what she believes in. She is going to make a change. She is so inspiring to me because she wants there to be a future for everyone, even though it doesn’t affect her. She wants to preserve our world

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