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Why I Became A Personal Trainer

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I am a full-time personal trainer at Pure Gym in London, UK. Today, I am going to talk you through my journey from fat to fit. I will be sharing with you what is the thing that excites me as a personal trainer. I will show you how someone with over 25% of body fat can also achieve a picture-perfect and evenly toned physique. Guys, just for your information that chubby boy with 25% body fat was me a couple of years back. How did I transform myself from being obese to a healthy and muscular man I am now? I request you to stay with me for a while to know more about my journey.

What Is My Story?

I am a personal trainer and I specialize in body confidence, body fat reduction, nutritional confidence, strength training, and weight loss concepts. I have almost every possible qualification that a personal trainer can get. If that seems enough to you, wait. I have even authored the hugely popular online weight loss program called 12-Week Shred. If you think that is my story you cannot be more WRONG.

All the things that I have achieved today are the result of years of hard work and making life-changing decisions. About 10 years ago I was someone who was shy of even mirrors. In school, I wished for only one thing, a fitter me. My friends used to make fun of me all the time. They would avoid having me around just because of the way I looked. I felt so embarrassed about going out. As if the things were not already worse one day our family doctor told my father that I have developed Thyroid issues. I was put on medication for life. Every day I used to get up and ask myself – WHY ME?

The trauma followed me until college. It was in my second year of college when something incredible happened. Something that would change my life forever. I made a friend, a really good friend, his name is Peter. We got along very well. He was different from my earlier friends for whom I was only a box of jokes. One day Peter invited me to dinner at his home. Guys, this is where my life ACTUALLY changed.

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Peter’s dad, Mr. David, was a personal trainer. He had the physique I used to dream about since my childhood. He was also a very humble man. I wanted to ask him how has he achieved such great fitness at the age of 47, can I also transform myself, what does a personal trainer do, and finally the big question – CAN YOU HELP ME?

Surprisingly, I was so awestruck by Mr. David’s personality that I could not even open my mouth that day. You see, I was so shy in those days. I could not sleep that night and 2 nights after that. It was after a week that I mustered some courage and told my friend Peter about my whole story. He quickly understood my painful situation and assured me that he would ask his dad to help me. To my surprise, Mr. David agreed to help. This was one of the HAPPIEST moments of my life. Mr. David and I decided to meet three times a week. We started with simple changes in my diet. Three weeks later he put me on basic cardio and weightlifting exercises.

A couple of months later I could actually feel a significant change in my body. Finally, I was happy to see myself in the mirror. To cut the long story short, it took me about a year of hard work and a military-like discipline to go from 25% body fat to just over 14% body fat. I will always be THANKFUL to Peter and Mr. David, whose experience as a personal trainer helped me change my life forever.

What Is My Motivation As A Personal Trainer?

My incredible journey motivated me to take up personal training seriously. I decided to be a full-time personal trainer. I wished no one to suffer as I did. I wanted to help as many people as I could. It is very saddening to see people spending their whole lives facing embarrassment. I would like to mention here that it is not always about the looks or getting the attraction. A healthy body is home to positive thoughts and a fit person has a completely different perspective of things and people around him.

I am sharing my story so that all those people who are scared and clueless about how to bring a positive change in their lives get inspired. I am a personal trainer and I want you to know that I can help you in changing your story.

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