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Why Should the Government Add Laws to Prevent Bullying: Persuasive Essay

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Bullying is a serious problem of modern society. Whether it is verbal bullying, cyberbullying, or physical bullying, bullying can significantly change a person’s lifestyle in many ways. Some humans may also take a positive route and talk up about their struggles from being bullied. They may seek professional help to cope and deal with recovery. Other people who pick to do nothing, do not attain out for help. They may also emerge as depressed and think suicidal thoughts. These victims of bully’s figure out they cannot cope with life itself anymore so they commit suicide. Additional people may develop ingesting disorders, if they were bullied because of their weight. The victims of bullies may additionally secretly reduce or harm themselves. Why do people, young adults especially, suppose they want to stop their existence in order to give up all of the hurt?

I, in my point of view, do not apprehend these intimidators. Why would a human being desire to humiliate any other individual to the point of no return? They make others feel so horrific about themselves that they take dramatic measures to try to trade the way they are. Are they secretly self-conscious about themselves? Do they feel awful about the way they look, so they take it out on others? These scenarios resemble selfish factors for making any person else sense bad. No count what the reason, these tormenters must be punished.

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I am absolutely convinced that more anti-bullying legal guidelines should be handed to give up and punish these bullies. More often than not, I see and hear tales of teenagers being bullied to the factor where they commit suicide. Just suppose for a moment, about how many instances you have heard on the news, or examine in the paper about any other deadly sufferer of bullying. By setting up more laws, we can stop the bully from taking action. Our society is in dire need of legislation to prevent bullying. Obviously, we cannot undo the past, however we can forestall future attacks.

Bullying is terrible, it has no place in our society. In joint action with the authorities, we must do everything possible to eliminate an increasingly widespread problem. We must not be silent, because by not announcing anything, we can cause the death of innocent victims. I believe that if we all work together, we can defeat the bullies and stop their harmful actions.

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