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Why Should We Care About Climate Change? Essay

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Every year we emit 6511 metric tonnes of carbon into Earth’s atmosphere. This would make the temperature of our cherished planet to increase significantly. If the global temperature rises by two degrees, mountain glaciers and mountain regions will start to see more landslides as the permafrost that held them together melts. This will also cause floods, droughts, bushfires and cyclones to be more severe. These natural disasters are fraught with danger. In the past decade just the bushfires have killed over 800 people. This disaster has also taken away millions of innocent lives of animals and has burned a whopping five million hectares all because of climate change.

Not long ago a news article informed me that glaciers in the Antarctic are melting due to warmer seas of a hotter world. These glacier disappearances now appear to be unstoppable. The melting of these ice sheets would make sea levels rise by a minimum of four feet, possibly twelve feet as well, which is enough to flood Sydney to Tokyo, Mumbai and New York City. We should act now, we all can’t be greater but we need to act as a team so we will have a less impact on the future of mankind and our much adored Earth.

Another treacherous result of climate change is increasing ocean acidification. Scientists say since the start of the industrial revolution ocean waters acid level have risen. This has led to coral reefs and numerous other majestic ocean species in vulnerable situations. I strongly believe if we don’t act momentarily our days are not that far for human kind to be affected as well from the high ocean acidity levels.

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We humans are the ones that burn fossil fuels, cut down trees, resulting in average temperatures to rise world wide. Scientists state that our planet’s average temperature has escalated by about one degree celsius since the nineteenth century. Even a half degree celsius increase in temperature has led to more evaporation resulting in more water in the atmosphere causing intense rainfall and floods. These natural disasters can disturb our day to day life that’s why we need to slow the pace of climate change.

It is not too late, by responding to climate change we will have to follow a two tier progress. Tier one is Mitigation, to reduce climate change, we will have to reduce the displacement of dangerous heat-trapping greenhouse gasses either by eliminating the source or by enhancing the sinks that accumulate and store the gasses. Tier two is to adapt, we would have to learn to adapt, meaning to adjust and live with the conditions that have been set in motion. If we don’t take action instantaneously we would experience extreme storms to unpredictable heat waves.

Global warming is another serious result of climate change that has affected the whole world. First let me explain about global warming, global warming is when the average temperature of the world’s climate increases over a long period of time. This has already brought irreversible changes to Earth’s geological biological and ecological systems such as the floods in Queensland, cyclone Veronica in 2019 and the extinction of many animal species such as the Western Back rhinoceros. If we don’t act now the matters will get worse on our beloved planet earth, or it may even become uninhabitable for humankind. I am sure that you can see that we need to act on climate change sooner than later.

The more action we all take, the less our climate will change and the more livable the world will be for ourselves, our next generations and all the rest of the magnificent abundance that is life on earth. Now come on, that is worth making a few lifestyle changes for isn’t it?

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