Alcohol and Its Effects on Society

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Alcohol has been a problem in our society for a long time and it will continue to be a problem unless we address it, and teach others the real dangers of drinking alcohol. There are people dying because they don't know the real dangers that can come from extreme consumption of alcohol. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just go out of our way and teach people about alcohol and its effects that come with it.

Drinking alcohol can be very harmful to your body and it can even change the way others see you. Alcohol can impair your brain which can lead to bad decisions and potentially life-threatening judgment. “Oxford University did a study on 424 men and 103 women. Over a period of thirty years, the participants answered detailed questions. At the end of the study, the team analyzed the answers that the participants gave and they found that their hippocampus (which is the area of the brain that stores your memory) had shrunk and as a result, this affected their ability to remember. The researchers also noticed that the participants parietal and occipital lobes cells decreased. This wasn't good because when your parietal and occipital lobes go down it can cause some of the most important parts of your brain to become much weaker. For example, your vision and awareness, and this can cause DUIs and other alcohol-related accidents” (Beverly Merz, Harvard Women's Health Watch).

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So, when people know that alcohol is dangerous what causes them to continue drinking. As many of us know alcohol along with other drugs cause our brain to release a chemical that makes us confident and impairs our judgment. People use alcohol over and over because they are addicted to the freeing sensation that it releases. Alcohol can also change who you are. When someone drinks too much alcohol can release the chemical that makes the person feel good and that can cause the person to become aggressive. When that person becomes aggressive it is not good because they can't control their aggression as they would normally be able to without alcohol. Many alcohol-related abuse scenarios are because the consumer can't control their anger and that can lead to many serious violent situations. When you have too much to drink and you start acting out towards others they will notice and you might even start losing your friends because who really wants to hang out with an aggressive and potentially violent person.

After looking into the bad things that come out of excessive drinking, I am not at all opposed to making others aware of the bad effects. I hope that this essay can possibly one day help someone.

In conclusion, we need to be willing to encourage others to look into the bad outcomes of alcohol. Just think of the potential impact that we can make on the world by helping others with alcohol addiction and abuse.

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