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The Causes And Impacts Of Boxing Day Tsunami

What is the Boxing Day Tsunami? The Boxing Day Tsunami was a magnitude 9.2 tsunami which negatively affected society and the environment (University of Southampton,2017) which was caused by an earthquake and could have lessened by the use of buoys. There was no technology used to track tsunamis and warn civilians, it’s tremors from the earthquake before did not give enough time for evacuation which resulted in catastrophic damage. It was created by an undersea 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake which...
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The Peculiarities Of Boxing As A Sport

Imagine showing up to school, ready to sign up for boxing. Boxing has been practiced since ancient times even the Egyptians used to play it. For decades, the topic of whether boxing should be banned has been in constant debate. But now, the topic about whether boxing should be a school sport has been brought to the table to be argued. Opponents defy this proposal by arguing that boxing will encourage violence, and cause nothing but harm among the students....
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Why Muhammad Ali Is Considered To Be The Greatest Boxer

I am writing today about the “The Greatest” ever lived. His name was Cassius Marcellus Clay. If that does not sound familiar to you, you might know him by the name Muhammad Ali. He is the best boxer that ever lived and arguably one of the most influential people of the 20th century. He was a boxer and an activist and a hostage negotiator. He fought inside the ring and out. Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January...
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The Sport Of Boxing In Australia

This paper will examine the sport of boxing in the context of Queensland, Australia. It is argued that there is a need to ban boxing, or at the very least, a need for legislation to impose stricter regulations to prevent death or serious injury among athletes. Figures show that in Australia alone, between 1830 and 2009, there have been 155 recorded deaths from boxing (JSC, 2007). These statistics do not even consider serious and permanent disability arising from boxing. An...
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Travelling And Boxing

Boxing is a sport that demands a lot of travelling especially if you are a highly ranked player who is internationally recognized. You have to be present in different nations during a calendar year. However, the same applies if you are not a boxer but a big fan of boxing who is not satisfied with watching fights online or on TV but wish to see catch the drama in real life. 2018 was a year I dedicated to boxing. I...
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The Exercises And Training Types In Boxing

The types of training outlined above is centred specifically into improving the overall skills and attributes of a professional boxer. The methods are chosen based on the specific needs of the boxer to gain an advantage and perform well. In terms of strength training, it is crucial to utilize weight training through free and fixed weights; and hydraulic resistance in order to incorporate isotonic, isometric, isokinetic and variable resistance contractions. Free weights involve the replication of sport-specific situations through equipment...
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Muhammad Ali And The Art Of Boxing

The art of Boxing is one of the most widely practiced ideals/sports to date. Boxing is one of the biggest sports amongst almost every generation as it is still relevant today with Pay-Per-View charts being topped in some of its biggest events. Having been raised around the sport with the large Armenian diaspora in Southern California being heavily involved in the practice, through personal experience and witnessing some of the most significant events in the sport with those events providing...
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The Dangers Of Boxing

Issues today in the boxing world is deaths and what causes these deaths. Many say it’s due to weight cuts and many say it’s because of the late stoppages. There’s been an estimated guess that about 1,876 boxers have died throughout history as a direct result of injuries sustained in the ring. So far as of 2019, 4 boxers have died due to the injuries that they picked up while fighting in the ring and their names were Maxim Dadashev,...
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Boxercise: What You Should Know?

Boxercise is a class in which you perform exercises inspired from the training boxers do for keeping themselves fit. Classes take place in different formats but a usual one involves skipping, shadow-boxing, kicking punchbags, hitting pads, press-ups, sit-ups and shuttle-runs. Most classes include men and women of every age and fitness standard. Since no session involves physical hitting of someone, it is fun, safe and challenging. This training caters everyone irrespective of shape, size and gender. Do not forget that...
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Boxing: The Pros And Cons

Boxing is a fighting sport which has been popular since its inception. According to Arnold and Holland, the earliest form of boxing can be traced to the ancient Olympics while the modern form of boxing started in England in the year 1681 (Perkins et al. 9). This sport requires offensive and defensive strategies to win against an opponent. Over time, boxing rules were also improved to promote safety. Similar to other sports, boxing has two levels: amateur and professional boxing....
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Improved Fitness Is Just The Beginning When You Take On Female Boxing

If you are looking to get back into shape or simply looking to improve your fitness levels, female boxing may be a surprisingly good alternative for you. While once considered to be too aggressive for most women, female boxing has surged in popularity with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Adriana Lima being strong public advocates for it. The increasing popularity of boxing with women has blossomed as more women become aware that improved fitness is not the only benefit associated...
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What Are The Boxing Regulations?

Should boxing be a professional sport, well there are some different opinions worldwide. Some say that boxing is a great sport and that it should never go away. While others think that it should be gone. Lots of boxing fans say that the sport is great and entertaining. The people who don’t want it to go away say that there is nothing better than putting two guys in a ring and beating the crap out of each other legally in...
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Boxing: Raging Bull And Cinderella Man - An Analysis Of Two Renowned Sports Films

The boxer, as portrayed in film, embodies the virile working-class hero who seeks unrelenting power and control at the expense of his personal well-being and often his relationships with others. During his struggle for social acceptance and dominance, his body—viciously wounded—is commoditized as a disposable byproduct of the sport. He is faced with balancing his competitive individualism and title-seeking quest with self-sacrifice for the common good. Within the boxing ring, he stands alone feeling isolated, exposed, and embattled. However, the...
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The Reasons Why MMA Is Safer Than Boxing

The sweet science of boxing has been prime, household entertainment for over a century. To this day, it leaves us on the edge of our seat, craving more. However, past all the fun and fanfare, there are major safety concerns, as time and brute force have not been kind to its practitioners. With the popularity of MMA rising, a lot of boxing fans are turning to MMA as an alternative. It is a sport that encompasses all the best elements...
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Are Contact Sports Becoming More Dangerous?

Over the past few decades, sports, in general, have seen a major improvement in taking safety precautions in dangerous contact sports like rugby and amateur boxing. More young professionals are wearing headgear to help protect themselves from crucial head injuries which could heavily affect their future and could lead to early retirement. However, are these safety precautions actually working and doing their job in protecting these young and up incoming athletes. Well, some scientific studies have shown that yes they...
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Boxing As The Cruel Sports

Boxing, the seemingly bloody sport which is loved by many and hated by few. To the untrained eye it is a sport that promotes brutality and violence, however if you are really invested in it you may see that it actually promotes things like discipline. Of course it is risky, however I think the risks are comparable to sports and activities that are even more popular than boxing such as American Football which literally consists of players bashing their head...
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Should Boxing Be Banned?

I should start this essay by saying that one of my good friends is a professional boxer about to compete in his first championship match and like his father, himself a former commonwealth boxing champion, he has a love and passion for the sport that as his friend I support and wish him well. However, I believe boxing is a barbaric, cruel and as outdated of a sport as fox hunting or cock fighting. Boxing is a sport as old...
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The Aspects Of Physical Contact In Boxing

Boxing comprises of one opponent engaging in punching the other opponent with fists. It can be said that although Boxing is a sport, it is a violent one to say the least. Boxing was previously known as Pugilism . It derives from Latin and can be translated to the sport of fighting with clenched fists. Boxing has advanced from fist fights in the streets to a calculated and precise sport in the ring which requires rigorous training and a clear-cut...
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Emergence And Development Of Boxing

Tracing the emergence of boxing is a difficult task (Murphy and Sheard, 2006, and Sugden, 1996). Most historical accounts required in order to do this are not available. However, even with these difficulties, this essay will attempt to assess how prize fighting emerged and what occurred in society for boxing to develop from prize fighting in the working class to the modern popular sport we have today. The changes and adaptations prize fighting made to the rules and regulations in...
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The Features Of Preparation Of Boxers

Outline Boxing is an individual sport in which two people are placed in a square ring who fight with fists wearing padded gloves. It is one of Australia’s oldest individual sports. The first Australian boxing contest recorded in history took place in Sydney on 8 January 1814 involving John Parton and Charles Sefton who were two convicts who bareknuckle boxed. After 56 rounds and 90 minutes of tough fighting, John was declared the winner. Boxing has always been criticised in...
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How To Box Properly?

In everyone’s life there comes a time in life where they’re going to have to fight, even if they don’t want to, such as to keep themselves safe. Yet, some people may grow up in rough places and must fight for their survival as if they were in the jungle. Canelo Alvarez was one of these boxers. This worldwide known boxer is a perfect example of someone fighting their way out of a tough childhood to make it big. Canelo...
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The Problem of Racism In Sports: Football And Boxing

Introduction A literature review is the process that critically analyzes various reports, books, writing and journal and find out methodological and theoretical concepts related to a specific topic or subject that has been discussed and on which the papers have projected their views (Hart, 2018). This literature review will discuss about the everyday racism in sports and the methods that can be applied to stop this. Racism in simple words is the belief of a particular race or nation that...
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