Can and Should the Lawmaking Process Be Improved: Persuasive Essay

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The lawmaking process is a fundamental aspect of any democratic society. It shapes the legal framework that governs our lives and ensures the protection of rights and the maintenance of order. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the lawmaking process is not perfect and can benefit from improvements. This persuasive essay argues that the lawmaking process can and should be improved to enhance transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness to the needs of the people.

Transparency and Public Participation

One key area for improvement in the lawmaking process is transparency. The process often involves complex procedures and intricate legislative language that can be difficult for the general public to comprehend. Enhancing transparency would involve making legislation more accessible by using clear and concise language that the average citizen can understand. Additionally, the process should provide ample opportunities for public participation, allowing citizens to provide input, voice their concerns, and contribute to the formulation of laws that directly affect their lives. This increased transparency and public involvement would lead to a more inclusive and democratic lawmaking process.

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Efficiency and Timeliness

Another aspect in need of improvement is the efficiency and timeliness of the lawmaking process. Delays and inefficiencies can hinder the implementation of necessary legislation and prevent timely resolutions to pressing societal issues. Streamlining the process by reducing bureaucratic obstacles, eliminating redundant procedures, and setting reasonable timelines for decision-making would ensure that laws are enacted promptly and effectively. Improving efficiency also involves promoting collaboration and compromise among lawmakers, fostering a culture of productivity and effectiveness in the legislative bodies.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

A vital improvement that can enhance the lawmaking process is a shift towards evidence-based decision making. Laws should be grounded in sound research, expert opinions, and data-driven analysis. Incorporating scientific evidence and expert insights into the legislative process ensures that laws are based on facts rather than personal biases or political agendas. This approach would lead to more effective policies that address the underlying issues and yield positive outcomes for society. Establishing dedicated research units or expert advisory panels within legislative bodies can facilitate evidence-based decision making and provide lawmakers with the necessary information to make informed choices.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The lawmaking process should also strive for flexibility and adaptability to respond to the changing needs and dynamics of society. Laws are not static but must evolve to keep pace with societal progress and address emerging challenges. Implementing mechanisms for regular review and revision of existing laws would allow for necessary updates and improvements. Additionally, incorporating sunset clauses into legislation, which require periodic evaluation and renewal, would ensure that laws remain relevant and effective over time. By embracing flexibility and adaptability, the lawmaking process can effectively serve the evolving needs of society.


The lawmaking process is a cornerstone of any functioning democracy, but it is not without its flaws. To uphold the principles of transparency, efficiency, responsiveness, and effectiveness, the lawmaking process can and should be improved. Enhancing transparency, promoting public participation, improving efficiency, embracing evidence-based decision making, and fostering flexibility are essential steps in the pursuit of a more inclusive and effective lawmaking system. By implementing these improvements, we can ensure that laws are formulated with the best interests of society in mind, leading to a more just, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

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