Cause and Effect Essay on Exercising

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How exercising can help your mental and physical health

In today’s world exercising is a key element to a person’s health. Exercising is used to keep our bodies in shape and healthy. Exercising can also be very difficult for some because they are not used to doing it and for others exercising is very natural for them. At the end of the day everybody is different, exercising can bring one person peace of mind and good health and another can get hurt or feel worse than before. In this essay, I will go over the advantages and disadvantages of how exercising is good for a person’s mental and physical health. Exercising can relieve stress, have a person look younger, and help a person sleep better. There are also some drawbacks to exercising that can cause a person pain and make them not want to exercise anymore.

A question I have for some people is; do you ever feel stressed, exhausted, or lazy? While reading the article (“Exercise to boost your brain power.”) Author ‘Hoskins, Nichele claims “Researchers in San Francisco have determined that exercising may keep you mentally sharp for years to come”. In an interview with Professor Lisa Rosa, she also claims that when she feels stressed or just wants to stay in shape she would go for a long walk and hike to relieve her stress and put her mind and body at ease. In my opinion, Exercise is much more than just burning calories It can relieve stress and help with weight loss, but if you're not careful, it can also have some serious drawbacks.

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A lot of people have fears of exercising from past experiences; either from injuries or not getting any results. According to the article (“10 tips to prevent injuries when you exercise.”) injuries that can occur from exercising are Muscle pull and strain, Knee injuries, Tendonitis and etc. With everything that has advantages, there will also be disadvantages. Shane Williams claims without proper stretching and warming up you will be prone to hurting yourself. Shane also states that you have to do exercises depending on your body and get educated on those exercises before completing them. Also, in the article (“10 tips to prevent injuries when you exercise.”) Some ways to prevent injuries while exercising is to ease into the exercises and not just go hard on them at first, also do a proper warm-up and cool down like Shane stated, and cross train don’t overuse muscles and take days off to recover. Exercising is very helpful to the human body, but if you're not patient and take precautionary measures, you're not going to see the benefits and end up lazy and unmotivated.

With anything in life, you have to be patient and have to put in the time to see the results that you are looking for. According to the article (“Exercising the Body and Mind to Improve Age-Related Mental Function”) Exercising can prevent ALZHEIMER'S disease, BRAIN diseases, and also DEMENTIA. Exercising is a way to stay healthy mentally and physically even though there are many drawbacks the positives of exercising outweigh it all.

Exercising can be a daily challenge but as long as you keep at it results will come and you will reap the benefits. You have to devote the needed time and use the proper techniques to really see the benefits of exercising. Not taking the proper measures will cause injury which leads to pain and fear of exercising. In anything we do, there will be problems but as long as we overcome them, we will see the results.

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