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Comparing And Contrasting Baseball To Soccer

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Baseball and Soccer are among the two most popular sports in America, despite their differences. While baseball was originated in Ohio in 1839, soccer on the other hand came from England in the late 1800 ́s. Thousands of millions of people get out to see their favorite teams for these two sports play during that season. Baseball is played in the fall and soccer is played in the mid spring to summer.

Both of the two sports consist of 9 players on the field at all times. In the United States either girls or boys can play the sport with different genders. For baseball and soccer, both sports use balls in the game in either throwing or kicking motion. Baseball and soccer are both great sports to get exercise. Also, both can be played by little kids or grown adults in America.

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Baseball originated in a small town in New York called Cooperstown, in the 1800 ́s, while soccer originated in England. In baseball there are 9 different innings, one inning counts after one team gets to bat and play the field while the other team rotates in the opposite order. On the other hand in soccer, they use half. One game has two different halves that last around forty-five minutes appease. While in baseball there are only allowed nine players on the field at once, in soccer up to nine people for one team can be on the field.

Both sports are played in two different ways. In baseball, the player has to throw the ball to get someone out or hit it with a bat to get on base. In soccer on the other hand, the players cannot use their hands and are only able to use there shoulders, head, legs, and feet, to score the ball in the goal. The sports require two different types of cleats. In baseball you can wear cleats that have metal spikes on them to grip better to the grass and dirt when ur running. In soccer, the cleats cannot have metal spikes, it is required that they are plastic if you want to play. In soccer you have to wear shin guards which cover up your shins from getting hit with a ball or cleats. Baseball the only gear that is required, is cleats and long baseball pants so you don't get rashes on you legs from sliding into a base.

In conclusion, baseball and soccer are alike and different in there own ways. But no matter, they are both still among American people's favorite sports. There are alike and different in many ways but both give the same affection to people as the other does. I like both, but my favorite would have to be baseball. I just enjoy the feeling of being on the field with my friends winning tournaments.

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