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Cyber Bullying Argumentative Essay

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I support the following statement “The Prevalence of social media is having a negative impact on younger generations and will cause numerous social anxiety issues in the future”. In a world where over 4 billion people use social media, surveys have shown that 90% of teens ages 13-17 have used social media (4) (, 2019). This has exposed the younger generation to an immense amount of information that could phycological affect them positively or negatively. A lot of social media platforms have users showcasing a high standard of life which can set false expectations and standards for younger generations causing social anxiety issues. Cyberbullying has been more common due to social media leading to social anxiety issues leading to even severe cases of an increased likelihood of suicide. I will discuss these topics in much more detail for my argument.



Cyberbullying and cyber harassment are where a teen is repeatedly targeted by another teen in the form of threats or harassment or humiliation or embarrassment by social media platforms or cellar phones. Data collected from 2004-2010 show that cyberbullying victimization rates changed from 20.8% to 40.6% and offending rates ranged from 11.5% to 20.1%. Cyberbullying has been largely correlated to suicide or increasing the risk of suicide where a survey was given to 2000 middle school children that indicated victims of cyberbullying were almost 2 times to likely to attempt suicide, also indicating cyberbullying offenders were 1.5 times as likely to have attempted suicide than children who were not offenders or victims of cyber security. These results show that cyberbullying can increase the risk of suicide due to feelings of isolation, instability, and hopelessness within younger generations increasing social anxiety for younger generations. (All information and evidence from (2) (Luxton, June and Fairall, 2012)))

Another cause of social media’s influence on suicide has been the immense information on topics of suicide available. In Japan in 2008, 220 cases of people attempted suicide by taking hydrogen sulfide gas which resulted in 208 deaths of which 58 deaths were teens 16-19. These suicide outbreaks were blamed on a forum on the internet that explained related suicide methods. Another cause of social media influence on suicide has been the contagion effect where media has influenced suicidal behavior, methods which were documental well increasing the contagion effect to young people. A study by Dunlop examined possible contagion effects on suicidal behavior of 719 individuals aged 14-24 years where 79% were reported being exposed to suicide-related content through family, and friends. This study shows the increased likelihood of suicide through social media connections and also increases social anxiety among younger generations. (All information and evidence from (2) (Luxton, June and Fairall, 2012)))

Social Anxiety Disorder

SAD stands for social anxiety order. This anxiety order causes lasting emotional states that cause people to have an emotion or physical reaction that is disproportionate to their actual experience. Symptoms include a lack of desire to socialize and being withdrawn. SAD can be caused by brain structure and living environment. Studies show social media has played a major part in increasing SAD cases. In America, sources indicated 92% of American teens check social media regularly with 24% reporting they check social media constantly, with an average of teens 12-19 using social media for 6 hours. This study showed that 46% percent of teen girls admitted to feeling bad about themselves due to social media portraying unrealistic standards. These results show an increase in social anxiety in younger generations due to social media exposure. (All figures and information from (1) (Ignite Teen Treatment, 2018))

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Social Media Addiction

A lot of teens are more focused on their online relationships causing social media addiction which is strongly correlated to social anxiety disorder. Social media applications such as Instagram have positive feedback features in the form of likes or followers which is a reward that stimulates the brain to release dopamine causing social media addiction (1) (Ignite Teen Treatment, 2018)). This causes dependence on social media leading to symptoms such as feeling stressed without social media, depression when not getting likes on social platforms like Instagram, and withdrawal from real-life activities (4) (Iberdrola, n.d.). This in return increases social anxiety which has serious consequences such as disruption of sleep and lack of motivation to study among teens.


Increased use of social media by the younger generation has involved a lot of screen time. This can cause computer vision syndromes, where prolonged screen exposure can cause eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. In 2013 data was collected between children aged 6-15 in Shikta town which showed that children with longer screen viewing times tended to have a lower intake of protein, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin B-2 and total-dietary fibers with a much higher intake of n-6 fatty acids (5) (Tsujiguchi et al., 2018). These results show how screen time caused by social media has a correlation to obesity and a lack of important nutrients that are essential for the long-term health of a child or teen. Increased screen time has also led to an increase of children staying indoors rather than outside causing vitamin D deficiencies due to less sun exposure which has a correlation to depression and increasing social anxiety (6) (Phoebe, 2020).

About 30% of girls and 24% reported daily bullying based on their body size through social media. This shows how social media usage can cause social anxiety in younger generations due to a lack of confidence in their body size due to social media standards (7)(, 2019).


To conclude, social media usage among the younger generation is increasing every year due to the increased use of technology among younger generations, therefore social anxiety among younger generations will increase in the future and will impact more children. A possible solution to reduce the impact of social media on younger generations is for parents or guardians to limit the time a teen uses technology and for the government to track and handle cyberbullying within social media more strictly.

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