Descriptive Essay on Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

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As for Australia, Christmas was celebrated during the summer causing modifications to their culture at this time of the year. Australians still practice the typical customs of Christmas trees, festive foods, parades, and all such, but what sets them apart from other cultures is their iconic culture and tradition of “Christmas on the Beach.” The culture allows Australians to build sandmen in place of snowmen, there would even be Christmas tree put in place in the sand during this time. Families gather together to enjoy iced hot cocoa and Christmas music alongside basking under the sun and swimming in the refreshing ocean. The traditions within the country's culture can reflect how much citizens there value Christmas, and that even though it can be ninety degrees on the special day, they will find a way to celebrate the holiday. Again with this culture, people are looking for ways to see each other and reunite as one for the holiday seasons just like how other countries are looking forward to the holiday in the cold winter. It's just that Christmas in Australia can be celebrated with a swim in the ocean's water.

To Colombia, Christmas is a time of great celebration and the country represents the beginning of the season with a candle lighting in every house and then this progresses into a competition of which house has the best arrangement of candles. The tradition and culture has progressed to be one that a towns and cities practice every year and now is also known as a tourist attraction whenever the event begins.

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The Swedish also has a uniquely destructive tradition. Every year since 1966, a goat measuring 13 meters tall is built out of straw with giant red ribbons wrapped around its arms, body, and horns for Christmas, in the middle of Gavle Castle Square. It is named, ‘The Gävle Goat.’ On December first, people try to burn it down. This is quite a spectacle, and many people gather each year to watch this event. It has only burned down 29 times since the tradition started, so it is quite a challenge.

In Norway, a unique Christmas tradition is people hiding their brooms around Christmas time. Hundreds of years ago, most of the people in Norway believed in witches and malevolent spirits. It is believed that on Christmas Eve, they come out, searching for brooms to ride, hence the tradition of hiding brooms so the wicked witches and spirits cannot get their hands on them. Even now, the tradition is still practiced every year, so that their brooms won’t go missing.

A famously fun tradition in Venezuela going to church on Christmas Eve, on roller skates. There are so many participants in this traditions that roads are blocked off to cars just for this event. After going to church, many people ride back home on the skates to begin eating a delicious dinner of tamales, a traditional Christmas dinner in Venezuela.

Since 1976, an exciting tradition emerged. In 1976, after Toronto, Canada built a new city hall and town square, a tradition started, called the Cavalcade of Lights. A giant Christmas tree is constructed with over 300 thousand lights, which are kept on until the new year from morning to before midnight, along with a beautiful firework show. This tradition is still here today, and you can go during December to see it. The tree that is presented at the town hall resembles Toronto's values of showcasing the holiday. It has even been given the name of being the biggest Christmas tree in the world and that reflects on the people and government of Toronto. The title shows that Toronto's culture and customs is all about ‘going big or go home’ and they would look for ways to become the best version of something. Other than that, the tradition also can be interpreted into how big of a heart they have for the holiday and how much they can invest in enjoying and representing the holiday and Jesus Christ.

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