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Digital Communication In Workplace

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“Job listings are increasingly available online and with almost every profession changing technology now require a fundamental level of digital literacy with Internet navigation, email access and social media participation.” Michael K. Powell. Businesspeople understand digital communication affects the presence of the general public through face-to-face interactions. The ability to use interpersonal communication skills to build relationships with managers and employers is affected by digital communication. The bond between employees and their managers is essential to ensure that a company satisfies its function and achieves its strategic objectives. In the meantime, the performance of digital communication is improving, growing connectivity and contributing to an ever-widening array of new communication tools. People are acquainted with digital communication, and the electronic communication between companies and consumers continues to follow the line that electronic communication between businesses followed in the 1990s. Digital communication propagates to enterprises, boost productivity and support companies to function in more productive and efficient ways. Policymakers would be wise to double their efforts to help companies take advantage of the advantages of digital communication. In this paper we researched financial benefits resulting from the digital communication, such as involvement in productive discussions, the transition of different kinds of information from one group to the next, misunderstandings and, finally, disputes between supervisors and staff.

The use of digital communications and computing terminals distributed to consumers and service providers requires realistic interaction and computer-based approaches for transactions, investments and borrowings. The costs and benefits that allow digital communication to be used at work were weighed by companies. Overall, today most companies use it to enhance their public image and reach their clients. It is still a very useful skill, and most companies understand that digital communication is the norm and an excellent way to speed up business processes, so younger generations can be adjusted to modern technologies.

From the above figure 1.1, we can acknowledge that utilization of email is highest among the other digital communication tools. Employees are committed to representing an organisation and sharing information with their employees and supervisors to achieve a common goal. The increase in contact channel choices has made workers aware of their impact on their working environment.

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“SAP has adopted innovation for many years as a global company to accomplish work. This is an integral part of our working in time zones and geographies and allows us to run at a much faster clip than otherwise, we would.,” says McInnis-Day. ‘Digital communication enables companies to gain access to a global talent pool through their languages, timescales, ages, and boundaries,’ Wallace said. ‘Teams must communicate authentically as they personally would with the new photo and video sharing.’ Using the software tools internally developed such as Slack together with offering employee hardware solutions, helps the team to personalise the technical assets in ways that facilitate their own productivity. In contrast to that there is a common complaint with Slack is that businesses are analysing usage data and finding that some workers spend all their time talking and hard working. It can now be easier to be less intentional about when and how we are asking our colleagues with instant communication so accessible through these tools.

Furthermore, researchers concluded that younger generations are more successful than older generations in using technology but predicted that ultimately the technological differences between generations will be decreased with time and technology (Digital Natives, 2013). However, the average smartphone users check your phone every six minutes and a half, or up to 150 times a day according to the study conducted by Nokia (Spencer, 2019). this may cause problems with interpersonal communication in the workplace, and many mysterious causes, including regular digital communication, cannot be identified as one problem. Despite having lots of disadvantages of digital communication. It overweighs by their advantages. digital communication is a capability for building relationships and ties worldwide, and it is fun to do so. Digital helps us to speed up correspondence while being reliable and enjoyable with it.


There are no obstacles for relying on digital communication devices at work. Above all, all these platforms and tools keep people constantly tied to work. We all need to separate regularly, and this can be difficult to achieve without establishing specific boundaries. Leaders must use their equipment tools, elaborate implementation plans carefully, and take no technology as a cure. The way we connect – both personally and professionally – in our daily lives has changed and the way that our work is done has changed forever. There is no longer a space for online communication at work. leader can decide how you pick, incorporate and enforce the devices in your organization and work to develop a plan to reduce negative impacts by reviewing potential problems at work


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