Does History Repeat Itself: Opinion Essay

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Everything we experience in our lives will become history. History actually repeats itself. Our experiences are history, what we do now and what we do later will become history. We have the same history at the same time. It is like we are traveling from the past going back to the present, the present going back to the past, and we are repeating history again. Your history, my history, and all of our history will repeat itself again. It is part of life, it is part of the systematic process of human life, our life. We cannot stop history itself because it is unstoppable.

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History is a past action we did or an event that happened in our lives. It happened in a single period of time, and it happened for some purposes, and we can learn through it. I believe in this saying that history will really repeat itself because we humans do not stop trying, and we do not stop doing what are the things we are likely to do in our day-to-day living. When we do something again, we are already repeating history. Actually, we make a mistake every day, we can make a choice every day, and we make such things that can help us in our learning process and progress as human beings every day. We may encounter hardships in our way that challenge us and we may walk on the darkest road in our journey, but it is okay because everything we do is good for ourselves, and it is going to be part of history that we can remember in our whole life. We just need to make our history our stepping stone towards achieving the things that we think that is possible and achieving those things that we think are hard to achieve or impossible to get.

I believe that history repeats itself, and in every repeat, we need to remember the important lessons we learn from it. History is something that is part of our lives, it is part of the cycle already. Through history, we are given a chance to go back to the meaningful and joyful experience we have been through and remember such important lesson that helps us to learn, grow, and succeed in the future. In the future, when we are meaningfully constructed and valued. History itself should always be remembered and never be forgotten, because history is a great teacher that teaches us unforgettable lessons in life.

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