Domestic Violence Should Not Be in Our Society: Persuasive Essay

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How many cases of domestic violence do you think are reported each year? About 13 million, with many who have gone unnoticed! I am completely convinced that there should be no domestic violence in our society. We cannot allow women and men who are suffering from violence to be unheard of. The only way to stop this horrific problem is to protest, for example, as a member of the ‘Say No to DV’ Campaign.

Domestic violence is not always physical. It also includes creating fear, intimidation, stalking, domestic homicide, and verbal, emotional, financial, social, and sexual abuse. All types of domestic violence are unacceptable and some are criminal offenses.

According to statistics, 1 in 8 people in Australia experience child abuse. Although it does not look that big, if you look at this country as a whole, that is 2.5 million people. And this is without taking into account other countries of the world. We have a class of 30, so about 4 people are experiencing or experiencing domestic violence – on average. Around the world, at least one woman in every three has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime.

Now I wonder if my children will be able to walk around the street safely. The saddest thing is that most violence to males and females is from a person they know than a stranger, and more likely in a place they know, such as their own home!

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Domestic violence affects everyone, not only the person suffering from it but their family and friends, the local and wider community. Statistics show that the estimated cost of violence against women in 2016 was $22 billion.

Domestic and family violence is the leading reason for people seeking assistance from specialist homelessness services. Domestic violence doesn’t always result in physical harm and medical attention, but can also result in anxiety, fear, interruptions to employment, and loss of social networks.

Absolutely everyone who has experienced domestic violence and needs help or support should be able to get it.

Of course, we cannot bring back a mother who committed suicide due to domestic violence or her daughter who is depressed and suffering from severe anxiety. We cannot erase these scars on their bodies. However, we as a society can and must stop these things from happening. It's time to make justice a reality for all women and men who suffer! We must stand up, speak out and act to stop domestic violence and abuse.

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