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Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, the Quest for a Fantastic Future

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How can I change the world? This question is the most common question that at least each of us ask him-/herself once in this lifetime. This book is a boost of energy combined with mind-blowing decisions and examples to be followed for each of us. I have chosen this book because was an entrepreneur I want to discover the answer to the most common question. Despite the fact that I know everything has to be done step by step I want this book to challenge me in order to find out what is the best version of mine. I have also chosen this book after realising how powerful one decision or action can be in this world.

At the beginning this book is describing Elon Musk childhood. Leaving in South Africa together with his family, Elon Musk was a very poor guy. After that t the age of twelve Elan started to be an entrepreneur because of his game that he staled it for 500 dollars. During his late twenties Elon developed a company website service that sold it at the age of 28 and received 22 Million Dollars. Almost all the money were reinvested by him in a new project called This program became the most famous online banking method, known and used today as PayPal. As with his other to businesses Elan sold this one too. After selling this concept to bay he received 150 million dollars out of it. Instead of retiring or doing something totally different he decided to invest all the money that he gained in a new company called SpaceX. Knowing as a very risky decision maker, Elan could have lost all the money but being an example of believing in himself and the others he successfully made again a profitable business.

The other part of the money he gained, Elan invested them in a little start up called Tesla. With both companies Elan had a lot of troubles and weaknesses bath due to his four and patients he broke the rules and got the most powerful businesses.

Reading this book was a mix of learnings, feelings and thoughts. After reading it in less than five days this book all my goals and beliefs were reset. I learned exactly what passion, failure, determination and ethic means and this book learned me such a powerful life lesion.

When it comes to comparing this book with another one, a recently book that I have read came into my mind. “Mindset” written by Carol Dweck is one of the book that had the most powerful impact of my fresh started career. This book is in my opinion a describing method for Elon decisions that he was taking among the years. Also analysing it closer the first thing that I would start with is the parenting mindset. Selling that video game at the age of twelve with 500 dollars was a sign that Elon worked hard in order to obtain what he wanted. This thing is lighting us up that his parents encouraged him and paced his effort and chooses rather than intelligence or talent. When it comes to the business area looking to the Business Mindset explained by Carol Dweck in her book, Elon was the perfect example of a growth mindset. Being seen as the one who is taking the most risky decisions if it’s something important, Elon Musk was also known for his motivational formula that says the vision about something and the importance of any kind of situation drives you in obtaining the results that you have wished for. Another good example that relies to this books is the fact that having a growth mindset can be observed by the fact that every time he have sold a business all the money he gained were reinvested withought being spend on useless things or of a luxury vacations and lifestyles.

Comparing this two books helped me finding the perfect example for a growth mindset and has given me even more certain about my future plans.

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Having such a big expectation as finding the answer for the question “How can I change the world” was a very high expectation of mine but knowing something about Elon Musk pushed me in having such a high goal. During this lecture I reached out a lot of conclusion in defining somehow the answer to my question. Besides my expectation this book was more than a normal book, I consider it the “bible” of how to take risky but assumed decisions. Another important learning is also the fact that when you gain a lot and achieve what you want is not at all the time when you end up your career and get ride of everything. Progressing everyday no-matter of your age and bring a lot of value to this world and more than that can actually change everything what existed until nowadays.

In my opinion this book is having a powerful impact on our society. First of all Elon created and came up with a lot of successful and world changing ideas that helped our society for a better development.

Another point is the fact that this book is a mind-blowing successful story that could be actually applied from each of us if we have had such a courage and determination. Reading all this roads I have been putting myself in Elon shoes and imagined how would it be and what I have been done when it came to taking all that hard decisions. After thinking about the importance of the businesses he has ben putted up together I realised that Elon Musk didn’t only changed his life he changed all our lives even though maybe we didn’t notice. Inventing the most useful online paying method- PayPal and building electro cars that are a help for us human beings in protecting the place that we are leaving in is a very important example of a strong business model but also of a big and large human soul.

Summing all this things up this books a manual of how the world can be changed only with some simple steps but followed up by tough risks. I think this book should be an obligatory lecture starting with high-school because through book a lot of teenagers could redefine themselves and see what they really want from this life.

Firstly Elon stared his career as a child, through that we can observes determination in having something done because of the fact he was very poor. Another thing that is very shocking is the fact that in his late twenties he became a millionaire and that is showing his struggle in taking risky but also important decisions that changed his and our lives. Finally what I realised after reading this book was the fact that it is not only a change for Elon its is also a big change for us and your society. Having all his invention and using them every single day without even realising it make me realise how important a decision can be. What I also consider to be very valuable is the fact that he had never given up on working and doing all the things that he liked being an example to follow.

In the end the thing that remained stick to my head was the following: never give up, if it is important and be conscious of you decisions!

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