Elon Musk: A Good And Strong Leader With A Powerful Vision

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Elon Musk is a 47-year-old South African entrepreneur, investor, and inventor who has been fascinated with science and technology his entire life. His accolades include being the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of businesses such as Tesla, Paypal, and the Boring Company. Through his life as a man at the forefront of technological advancements, he has had many failings and critics along the way, particularly in the initial stages of his SpaceX project, from huge organizations such as NASA. Despite all this, his company managed to land a rocket booster vertically, for the first time, allowing boosters to be reused and revolutionizing the industry.

One leadership trait which is apparent is his vision, dedication, and perseverance. This means that, as a leader, he is laser-focused on the task at hand and is not phased by the possibility of failure due to having the desire and drive to do what he needs to do. An example of his drive and perseverance would be the fact that he was continuously investing and running Tesla through a long period of making losses. The reason for this is focused on the current objective and understands that it may not go smoothly at the initial stages but there are times when it is necessary to keep yourself and your people in the fight to reap the benefits later.

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Following on, Musk has the ability to pass his vision on to those who work for him and then persuade them to become fully invested in his vision. This is a crucial trait of a successful leader, particularly in an innovative field, due to the fact that it means he is able to get his workforce fully behind any project regardless of apparent absurdity and encourage his team to work towards a common goal and invest themselves fully in the aim of the company. Without this, it is unlikely he would have been so successful in his ventures and tasks would not have been carried out so thoroughly.

One of Musk’s most important assets is that he is a social architect. By inspiring his employees on each of his ventures, he has been able to mobilize his workforce and encourage a new group identity. It is thought that because of this special philosophy, he has created a unique standard of excellence amongst his workforce. In addition to this, he is committed to leading this highly motivated workforce from the front which is clear in a statement made by him saying “For my part, I will never give up and I mean never”. He truly believes in his futuristic ideas and therefore is able to translate that belief to the rest of his company and instill a forward-thinking and creative culture.


To conclude, Elon Musk is a good, strong leader due to having a powerful vision and desire for the pursuit of that vision and the fact that he can spread that enthusiasm and determination to those who work for him, creating positive and progressive companies to better the lives of others into the future.

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