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Why Do You Want to Be a Leader? Essay

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Leadership is when a group of people are motivated by an individual to reach a similar goal and capacity. “Leadership is about taking initiative and influencing those around you” (Kotter international, 2012). In order to be effective as a leader you have to be able to inspire others. Effective leaders are committed to building a team who want to achieve a common goal. As a leader, you need to nurture your strengths and those of the individuals that you lead.

Leadership Strengths

My top three strengths from my self-assessment were engagement, calm, and encouraging ownership. My strength of engagement allows me to keep focused and highly motivated. As a leader, I believe engagement is important because to feel like I succeeded I would need to increase my engagement. First, I would need to build trust because for me to be an effective leader I would need to have people that are trustworthy around me. Mentoring also plays a major part in engagement as a leader. Team members need feedback and as an effective leader giving as well as receiving feedback shows your level of engagement with your team members. A team member’s inclusion influences their level of engagement. An effective leader makes sure their team member feels like an insider. In order to feel aligned with the organizations values, vision and purpose a team member must be engaged. As a leader your focus should be to develop other potential leaders amongst your team members. Improving on their strengths will assist in their growth as leaders. All these skills play a part in the engagement of a leader.

My strength of calm helps me deal with stress so that I can be at the top of my performance. As a calm leader I set examples for other team members by staying cool whenever a difficult situation arises. When these situations occur I chose to create a plan to correct the situation before it increases. I don’t let others see me get worried during a crisis; instead I shift the focus into something more positive. I have a collaborative style as a calm leader. For example, “I would like your help to work with this patient while I complete this other task.” This makes the team member use their best efforts to contribute to the task. I also know how to take control of a situation when needed as a calm leader. I like to promote an environment that is fair and equal. I manage conflict as a calm leader by stepping in to mediate when I see conflict between other team members. Being a calm leader lets me gain the trust of other team members which in turn allows them to respect me as a leader.

My strength of encouraging ownership allows me to encourage others to make the best decisions for themselves. I use this strength to support and motivate other individuals at my work place. As an encouraging leader I like to bring the best out of other team members. Everyone needs an encouraging leader around when they need a boost. I like to add value to other team members by believing in their potential and helping them succeed. For example, I tend to feel encouraged and valued when my leader shows me support through their motivation. Through encouragement, I am more likely to take risks towards a positive change in my goals. I can reach my potential and the potential of other team members by valuing and motivating each other to make a commitment for our future goals. To be an encouraging leader I need to reconnect and inspire my team members to reach success.

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My Best Me

When I asked my colleagues who they thought I was when I am at my best; I was almost hesitant to hear their responses because you never know how people view you. According to them I am at my best when I am working with highly motivated people and when I feel like I’m working as part of a committed team. For example, I’m always being helpful and I willingly volunteer to stay behind when we are short at work. The freedom to make decisions about situations on my own allows me to be at my best. I believe it is essential to improve on skills of decisions making as a leader. For example, when a patient at work has an issue with their program I am able to make the decision to change the program to accommodate them. I am at my best when I feel supported by leaders that encourage my growth and development in my goals. For example, I am able to be mentored by one of my superiors. My superiors are instrumental in guiding me on the right path to take to reach my future goals. Overall my colleagues believe I am at my best when I make the right choices that enable me to achieve my goals.

Leadership Statement

According to Robichaux, “our inner world encompasses all of the processes, values, and mental models we utilize to make sense of ourselves and the world around us.” I believe my values give me a purpose and sense of who I am in my overall life. My values help me thrive as a person because they allow me to grow and develop. Each value makes an impact on my success and purpose. My personal development allows me to invest in myself so that I can efficiently accomplish my goals. It brings me direction which shows me that if I shift my focus I can do more quality work. As a leader when you make the effort to develop yourself you can achieve more. Balancing gives me meaning at work through being able to develop consistency and adapt to change. Wisdom gives me an opportunity to better handle challenges I face at work. I can use wisdom to help me work through a tough situation I encounter at work. I believe loyalty and friendship go hand in hand. Loyalty and friendship require responsibility and commitment. I believe when having a friendship in the workplace and within a leader my satisfaction at work is increased. It makes me enjoy going to work a lot more. Friendship and loyalty at work boosts the team playing spirit. I feel more like a team than just an individual there to follow orders from a leader. We all share a common goal which makes me perform well. When I use my values to make decisions I am able to focus on my purpose and meaning. As a leader I aspire to be transparent, effective and positive. With my leadership I want to include, elevate and drive my team members. I want my team members to be able to trust me and my abilities.

Live Coaching Experience

My live coaching experience can help me use my leadership strengths and my best self to achieve my professional goals by using my strengths to build on my leadership skills and work on my weakness as well. With my coaching experience, I use my strengths to get an idea of what types of companies I want to work for in my future career. My coaching experience gave me new perspective and focus on my professional goal. I learned I have to be ready to think outside my comfort zone and not to allow my strengths to play as my weakness. To achieve results I must create balance to bring about my best self. Overall my coaching experience taught to be transparent and give myself credit.


As a leader I want to influence others to achieve their desired goals. I want to take risks when I face challenges. With the feedback that I have received from my colleagues I know my strengths that make me a great leader. I know as a leader we must go through obstacles that helps us grow. With my leadership skills I believe that my team members will trust my direction and follow my lead.


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