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I believe my current skill set and traits would be perfect for this position as a Mod at Soro’s. To begin, I possess the skill of being very hard-working and determined. I always try to do everything to the best I possibly can, I will never give up until I'm positive that the outcome is what I expected and better. That's a trait I can proudly say about myself and I will always stand by it! Secondly, I am very organized. I think that I'm good with time management and keeping track of certain things. 

My friends have also praised me for this skill as I always hand in assignments on time and make sure I'm doing the right things on certain days. To end with, I have fairly good communication skills. I would say that I am strong with utilizing grammar and I can have a conversation with others without hesitating and speaking clearly. In conclusion, I am a hard worker, I am good with organization and I have strong communication skills. I think all the traits I mentioned will be helpful as a part of the Moderation team. Being hardworking is a trait needed in every single job. I think by having this trait you can trust me to give others sufficient and or extra results every time expect to do something. 

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Being organized should be helpful especially in the Moderation team as being a part of it requires being strong in organizing. I believe if you are not a good organizer then being a Mod would not be a strong fit as you have to be organized with spacing out your time, and meeting requirements. To finish, being a good communicator is necessary to have a job. If others can not communicate ideas correctly then there is no point. As mentioned before, all the skills/traits I have should be helpful for this position and I think that my traits/skills may be stronger compared to other applicants. As a normal human being, I have a lot of weaknesses that affect my everyday life and which could possibly affect Soro’s as a moderation team member. To start off with, I lack a lot of self-confidence and can be too self-critical. Over my life, I have been constantly compared to other children such as my cousins or friends. I always felt very imperfect and thought of it as a bad thing. Because of me constantly being brought down, I tried to fix myself to what other people would be happy with. Now, I critique myself too much and lack a lot of confidence. I’m trying to overcome this by bringing myself up and accepting myself for who I am. This may affect Soros because I’d keep changing my mind and affecting others' actions because I’m not sure about myself. However, I feel as if I have really improved in prioritizing myself and I think I’m close to fully overcoming this weakness. In addition to that, I can be too competitive. 

Thinking about myself before considering a team. I know this is a bad habit but I want to be completely honest and I have seen a lot of progress. I’m trying to listen more and speak less, think about other people’s ideas before saying my own. This may affect Soros because others may not be happy that I seem like I’m competing against them when we’d all be a team. I’m trying my best to overcome these weaknesses and I think soon enough I should fully overcome them. 

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