Multicultural And Social Issues In Psychology: Diversity Identity Self-Evaluation Paper

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The case study was very interesting and very realistic as to how people deal with on the day to day basis. It is imperative that we understand not everyone is obese because they have an eating disorder some, really deal with health issues that cause obesitys and other problems. I found it interesting how this disease causes several disorders due to the type of cancer involved. I have had several friends or and family members not all have dealt with this type of disease (Thyroid Cancer) but, several have endured some type of Cancer obviously causing different issues in the body. I can appreciate the tenacity, that she is wanting to help people obviously, experiencing the same pain and despair, offering empathy, sympathy and patience.

A Minimum of Five Diverse Groups You Belong To

I am an African American woman who is well-rounded and proud that I can honestly say, I am an open person to each culture, wanting to obtain clarity. Joining the variety of groups is a positive approach to expanding the way people think or process information. I think the best way of getting to know people and how they work is to incorporate yourself in their life. I am apart of a couple of groups: 100 Black Men of America, Be Someone, Inc., Teams & Groups, Ellenwood Academy & Books with Friends. I think giving back is important thus, understanding the way people in groups and individually process information. These groups though interesting in their own way also bring different needs and wants of the people.

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Significance of Belonging to The Diverse Groups

Being an African American woman, I thought it was necessary that I serve as part of the community when it comes to educated, assist, assemble and discipline the young men in Atlanta and world wide that they may understand the significance of them being able to adapt and understand the core principals in life which are education and ownership. Even though 100 Black Men of America is obviously governed for such however, the community is also positively affecting all races. It has given me the opportunity to understand how certain ages of men process information and view certain obstacles and has a heart for the people by having clothes and food drives which embodies all races collectively. Be Some, Inc. helps me with my patience and love towards children and the variety of personalities, the aforementioned has guided me being fully available, active and present in the needs of these children from, teaching them to play chess to summer activities and being able to let go and enjoy the laughter and diversity of the children. I believe in having the ability to understand the diversity of the culture of the program and how children do not see color or a race to determine their reactions to life, the innocence. In all of the groups I am a part of I find it refreshing that I can bring something different to each group while, leaning new ways to approach the diverse groups and ages.

Assumptions Others May Make About You Based on The Diverse Groups You Belong To

I think that when people in these groups first met me, they may have thought that I was not retable or privileged even. I do carry myself in a certain manner thus, some may feel that I am not approachable however, once they get to know me and how informative I am, with the passion to help other their demeanor changes as does their conversation.

Current Safeguard In Place To Reduce The Likelihood of Ethical Concerns Arising in Research

I think the safe guard for the ethical concerns would be to incorporate the APA ethical guidelines, as it provides a guide to the professionals as to how approach situations and what is considered unethical and unacceptable when seeing clients. As a professional it is imperative to fully comprehend the diversity of groups and the best approach on how to have a healthy dialogue, a bridging the gap.

How These Assumptions Affect Your Own Self-identity

In summary, although the concept of identity formation is believed to apply to individuals across cultures, it is evident that universality does not exist in its development—whether in terms of timing, quality, progression, or psychological correlates. The findings clearly suggest that identity achievement is not necessarily the endpoint of development in all cultures, not even in all Western cultures. Healthy identity development during adolescence may be best viewed as a fit between personal needs and cultural demands ( Fiske, 2014). People, opinion of me is none of my business and I do not think it affects my own self-identity because I am clear as to who I am.


Things are not as it always seems to be, people sometimes look through a focused obscured lens for things in which they wish to see. On the daily basis I and others deal with situations that are not easy and some individuals om the outside looking in, may see something different never understanding or tying to comprehend what effects of the situation. It is vital that getting clarity is the first approach in order to asses situations effectively.


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