Self Reliance Persuasive Essay on 'Into the Wild'

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McCandless’ reason for journeying into the Wild was selfish because it was mostly motivated by his uncomfortability around his family. The main reason for Cristopher McCandless’ journey into the wild is led by his selfish intentions. His selfish intention would be describing that McCandless desired to abandon his oppressive family. Cristopher sees them as not only oppressive but also secretive to his father, Walt McCandless. Walt is being secretive in the fact that he hid that he was the head of two households and is still interacting with his first wife. It is this fact that causes Christopher to leave after deciding it is hard for him to forgive his father. Walt’s actions are somewhat selfish in the way that he kept it from him all this time. Therefore, Cristopher by deciding to leave for the wild is acting in his interests and being selfish. This choice is also ironic because it shows that Christopher after getting mad at his dad for this is also acting like him.

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I do concede that Cristopher exhibits selflessness when donating all the savings he saved up to the OXFAM charity. However, it is also important to not disregard that just because he exhibited selfless qualities this does not make his intentions for the journey only less selfish. During the book, there are cases where he has been showing selfish qualities as well. Cases appeared often when he met people on his journey such as when he met Jim Gallien, Wayne Westerburg, Jan Burres, and Robert Franz. Some of these people gave him rides and others a place to stay. The narrator Krakauer had met up with many of these people to discuss their encounters with Christopher. Christoper can also be seen to regret his choice when he tries to go back, but the river that he needs to pass experiences summer flooding. This ultimately leads to Cristopher going back to the bus. By journeying for the wild, Christopher also abandons his old name wishing to be known as Alex. This strengthens that Cristopher’s intentions for leaving were family-related. It is important to consider that the book doesn’t his death for a long time. This is because the author sort of foreshadows throughout the book that Cristopher will die of starvation. This is due to the lack of food he has packed with him and the reader also notices that Cristopher when meeting other people ate big meals.

Once again, McCandless’ reason for journeying into the wild was selfish because it was mostly motivated by his uncomfortability around his family.

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