Essay about OKC Bombing

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In America, the overwhelming population of criminals that have been convicted of crimes that instill a sense of paralyzing fear in innocent citizens is absurd. This is where the death penalty becomes an alternative that takes a sense of fear away from America and helps restore their faith in our justice system. Almost forty years ago, a prolific serial killer who is best known as Ted Bundy had begun his countless killings of young women across the United States (Nichols). As a charming law student, Bundy was able to take advantage of young, naive women who were overwhelmed by the attention from a handsome young man. After eluding police for quite some time, Bundy was finally caught and sentenced to the death penalty in Florida for the murders of two Florida State University students and a 12-year-old girl (Nichols). A lack of remorse for the heinous crimes shows that Bundy would have continued on with his murders if he had never been caught. On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was declared dead at 7:16 a.m. after being electrocuted on death row in Florida (Nichols). Unfortunately, nobody will receive the well-deserved disclosure of knowing how many innocent lives were truly lost yet it is estimated that Bundy murdered almost 100 young women (Nichols). Once declared dead, cheers were shared among many across the world who followed the case and sympathized with the families of the countless victims. The aftereffects of Bundy’s execution were felt across the country as restoring faith in our Justice system and giving women an opportunity to have a sense of safety restored along with the families of the victims to find peace. The infamous Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 left 168 people dead and one suspect to soon be sentenced to death (Jeffery). Timothy McVeigh was overwhelmed with hatred towards our nation’s federal government and that evoked him to commit the Oklahoma City Bombing. McVeigh targeted the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, which left people fearful of even going to a federal building (Jeffery). No American should have to fear going to a federal government building, especially since these buildings are vital to our nation’s government. When McVeigh told others “I want to die”, appeals for his case were dropped and McVeigh accepted the death penalty for his despicable crime (Jeffery). Americans could find peace in their country and restore faith in our government after McVeigh’s execution. The death penalty should continue to be a part of our Justice system as the execution of criminals like Bundy and McVeigh continuously restore a sense of safety in Americans.

Only one thing can lead to people being sentenced to death and that would be committing a crime. The deterrence of crime is linked to the death penalty since it shows criminals that the heinous crimes they committed could lead to their demise. Professor Shepherd of Emory University showed us an important finding that for each execution, there are three fewer murders on average (Muhlhausen). This number does not seem entirely large but saving three lives by executing someone who committed an unforgivable crime is outstanding.

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