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Throughout the years of living, we find, hear, and are told to be different and to stand out, and no matter what happens, there isn’t anything wrong with being different. The term “overrated” is highly evaluated or assessed as it is commonly used in conversation to diminish roles, places, and concepts. As time passes, being different can blossom into something unique. However, there are people who try hard to be different and to become something they aren’t to the point where it becomes overrated.

Based on my experience, growing up differently was never easy. The amount of judgment and glances I get for being different. Every day I keep telling myself that it’s going to be okay and it’s okay to be different. One day, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to become someone I wasn’t. I showed every ounce of happiness and a smile every day just to fit in until I realized that this wasn’t me. I saw that I didn’t need to change to impress anyone nor did I need to fit in, I needed to be my true self, embracing who I am and being proud of it. Nowadays, wherever I go, there is always someone who’d do anything to fit in. Many feel as if it is a need to be different to the point where they’re brainwashed into believing that they are someone they aren’t just because they feel it’s their duty to do it. They grow up to be a pretentious person and believe that they know more than every other person to the point where they would start denying themselves because it’s something everyone else is doing. The opinion is what is overrated these days.

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Furthermore, this has been seen in everyday life, mainly in trends. Though it’s mainly fashion, makeup, music, and more. However, on a daily basis, fashion, makeup, and more are always in style on a daily basis, I see people wear clothes that they swore they would never wear again. This goes for makeup as well, where people say they won’t do makeup and it’s a waste of time, but despite these feelings, they do it anyway, same for music, they’d listen and judge and won’t listen to it again, but soon resume to what they were originally listening to. I have friends who judge me for what I do, for what I wear, and for what I listen to, and then later they do what I was previously judged on. There are people who grow to a liking of uniqueness. Though, certain trends become overrated because of the number of people that are out there who make it overrated, when it really isn’t.

There will always be a time when people think it’s a trend to be different. The majority of people will always find a way to be different in order to fit in and make themselves feel or look better. This shows how much the world is changing into something that isn’t. However, the book “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling, captured moments where each character is different in their own ways. Luna Lovegood taught and showed that being different, strange, and weird is a strength and not a weakness. Hermione Granger was often looked down upon due to begin different compared to the other wizards, but her intelligence proved that there isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Lastly, Harry Potter stood out with a lightning bolt scar with amounts of differences from everyone else. This just shows how much these characters can make people relate to them, because deep down inside, we’re all different from each other. Embracing our unique qualities, and forgetting about fitting in or being different, we all learn and start to love ourselves for who we are. In the “Harry Potter” series, none of the characters are “normal,” have fun and enjoy every little part. Being different isn’t bad, just don’t change into something different from the true self.

Finally, people being different in order to fit in to make themselves feel and look better shows that it is overrated due to the fact that almost everyone does this nowadays due to the point where it’s nonstop. Overall, everything can be overrated, but here it applies especially because trying and changing ruined everything in being unique to the point where we all try too hard. We grow up to be who we are, so we should never change the truth.

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